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  1. Suppose a homeless person wants to have free food and shelter and so decides to break into a place to illegally obtain food and shelter. specifically, he breaks into prison, assumes a false identity as a prisoner, and illegally lives in prison and avails of the free food and shelter. If he gets caught illegally living in prison, do they put him in prison for it?
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  2. i'd assume it depends on your location. locally, does breaking and entering, stealing, and falsifying identity count as illegal activities? among whatever else they want to charge this person with? most likely they'd take into account the intent to commit this actions - namely the intent to gain food and shelter, and compare it to their legal and public history. there are stories out there about people doing dumb shit to go into jail - an important distinction from prison - for things to survive.
  3. A couple winters ago there was a homeless guy who went into a bank and did finger in the coat fake gun thing while pretending to be robbing them. When he left the bank he just sat down on the curb and waited for police. He just wanted to get out of the cold.

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