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  1. So lets say you have a blunt in your car and that's the only weed you have on you.
    Lets say you box the car with said blunt and then throw out the roach when you're done.
    If a cop pulls you over, can he do shit?

    I know he'll search it but i guess technically he can't arrest you for being high right?
  2. Not unless you fail a field sobriety test then you get a ticket for dui or dwai.

    For the most part you are correct they can't arrest you for a blunt wrapper in your car. Just make sure there is not a scrap of bud anywhere not even a stem cause they will fuck you for that if you live in the right state.
  3. Some cool cops would let you off but some asshole cops would charge you for driving under the influence
  4. If you dont have anything on you and you can pass a sobriety test, which probably wouldn't be a problem if you smoked regularly, then you should be straight... But as someone else mentioned you better make sure they don't even find a stem, my buddy in Columbia SC had his car searched and they said if they found one seed they'd book him for possession, so just be careful homie
  5. Depends on the cop, you can still get a DUI even if alcohol isn't involved.
  6. 1. No weed in the car=no citation (marijuana odor will constitute probable cause for a search of your persons and the vehicle [NOT THE TRUNK IF LOCKED])

    2. Keep keys OUT of ignition, keys in ignition = DUI

    3. He can and WILL harass you, so don't act like a bitch, play it cool and just handle the situation.
  7. [quote name='"vodkanerd"']

    2. Keep keys OUT of ignition, keys in ignition = DUI

    This is very true. Even if you are stopped and the car isn't on. If the keys are in there you will be arrested. So if you're ever baking your car take the keys out.
  8. can i shine a flashlight in the face of cops when they shine theirs on me?

    prolly get an asswhooping or yelled at, I don't see why..

  9. Well this may be subject to state and local municipal codes, but smell is probable cause for a DUI.
  10. [quote name='"Vato805"']

    Well this may be subject to state and local municipal codes, but smell is probable cause for a DUI.[/quote]

    It may be probable cause, but without bud present it's not gonna go very far mane
  11. sure why not, and if they pull their guns out, you pull yours out....

  12. So you're saying no THC in his blood?
  13. Just don't admit to having smoked, EVER. I know this seems like common sense but I have seen cases where the driver tries to be straight with the cop telling the officer they already smoked it and have no bud left in the car for the officer to arrest them with then BAM cuffs are on for DUI. As long as you can pass a sobriety test and not geek out at the cops you will be fine.
  14. [quote name='"Vato805"']
    So you're saying no THC in his blood?[/quote]

    Thc can stay in the body for a while bud i don't believe there is any immediate testing for Cannabis
  15. If you admit to him that you smoked weed in your car he can give you a DUI. I would just say "I let a friend take my car to the store and he brought it back smelling like this."

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