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Hypocritical parents! Help.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nipples, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Okay so I'm 20 and I'm living at my parents place still, and my mom smokes cigarettes (about a pack a day) and she drinks as well. She seems to think that even though she is poisoning herself like a belligerent idiot, I am doing more wrong than her by smoking weed a couple times a week. How can I explain to her that it's not as bad as its made out to be? She's never smoked weed before.. Another weird thing, her best friend smokes weed every day, and she supports his decision, yet won't support mine.
  2. her house, her rules.
    pretty clear cut man.

    youre 20, move out & live it up...
  3. Haha, same position man. I'm going to burn The Union to a DVD and show them that and after if they're remotely thinking about it, I'll show them Granny's List and really butter them up. Good luck and happy toking.
  4. Some parents can't be convinced. Just live with it til you move out.
  5. Not to be a dick but holy shit.. You could have it way worse man, trust me from my OWN experience. I wont bother you with info, just know that you have 2 options, find yourself a new spot or strap in for their bull shit... Its a shitty life, it just gets worse in its own way.
  6. Yea her house her rules. Some people can't be converted over, and I find it alot easier to just either bite your tongue or find your own place, or a safe place to smoke.

  7. It's not bullshit. It's her house.

  8. That's been said about 4 times in this thread. Thanks.

    Nobody is saying that he should run around and burn a blunt as incense. He wants to convince his parents that smoking weed isn't bad.
  9. Well....she is a hypocrite. But she also has the authority. If you can't convince her with studies/etc then just dont
  10. Go away to college and smoke some weed freely
  11. You will never, ever get through to her. Quit trying and spend all that work on not getting caught.
  12. Owning a house is no excuse for hypocrisy and stupidity to all the wannabe belt whipping stepdads. it sucks but my mom doesnt really get it either, im same age as you. she's warmed up to it but she doesnt really like it, all i can say is figure out a way to get through to her
  13. Just depends on how they were raised, both of mine came from the west texas woodwork, moms is the best and dads an alcoholic bar junkie, but god forbid I pick up a j. Just get an apartment and call it good, it was the best decision I made!
  14. Clear one of her cigarettes. Fill it up with weed. Go up to her and say you enjoying your self ma? That's what weed does to you, can you leave me alone now?
  15. "You drink, I smoke, get over it. Alcohol's not good for your body. Weed doesn't hurt you." If she says something about the smoke being bad for you tell her you'll get a vaporizer. This probably won't change much.
  16. You can convince her that weed isn't harmful. That's the easy part. With a little effort and her full attention you could probably convince her it's a miracle plant. The only issue she should be concerned with is legal problems. You need to let he know you'll do it out of the house for her saftey if she so chooses but leaving you vulnerable to draconian laws. This is better explained once you convince her it's an awesome drug though. Get the Union and get Grannies List and let your moms have time to do real research. Although "The Union" and such is a little biased but should still win her over. Goodluck
  17. My parents are completely dry (no smoking or drinking), you can try to convince your mom but the best thing to do is just live by her rules or just move out, your 20 anyways, no reason why you should still be living with your parents. Go to college or do something with your life.
  18. All she has to say is the "this is legal, weed isn't" argument
  19. Let her know it's legal in multiple states already, just a matter of time

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