Hypocritical Atheists

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  1. Is it just me or is the avarage atheist [as in some , not all] starting to more and more seem like the people they would constantly complain about?

    i mean thats cool if you hate bible thumpers telling you how to live.... but how are you any better now? i mean you act like religion is directly the cause of ignorance and stupidity , what are they gonna do start putting us in concentration camps? thats what hitler was doing you know , speeding up evolution... weeding out the stupids so all the "rational" "tolarant" "scientific" "intellecual" Atheists are left [because anyone that is any of those thinsg would never have a religion , sky daddys are for morons , am i right?]

    there is either meaning to all life , or meaning to no life... there cant really be any middle ground , so excuse us for thinking more of ourselves then just some tailess apes who learned agriculture
  2. though to varying extents I disagree with religion
    I liked some of the ideas you represented at your post


    - people who believe they are simply 'a part of the human race' perhaps go for the ape idea
    - they perhaps see themselves as a single reflection of the 'human race' or similar

    - I who believe I have a soul go for a different idea
    - this 'human race' idea is perhaps simply a deception and or a distraction to deter me from my souls purpose
    - my soul is seemingly other than at the best condition currently and requires perhaps healing and or advancement
  3. Im really high and cant follow but...
    I disagree with this. Are you saying if there is no meaning of a fish's life there can be no meaning to a human life?
    By what is probably your own book you should know there is meaning to human life and it is *Am I my brothers keeper?*

    A dog is only company to man. Man is superior in value and an athiest is not arrogant for thinking so.
  4. i think there is much meaning in the life of a fish , and there is much meaning to humans , but with an atheistic mind set its hard to argue that anything means anything at all and life is just a random bunch of shit flyin around which i think is an okay way to live by if you feel its best. people can live good happy fullfilling lives with it but its not "THE" way to live
  5. that is a false dichotomy and you sound like a follower who is tired of talking to people who will not follow with you. there is nothing unreasonable about not believing what cannot be proven, yet there is something unreasonable about the opposite position. whining about that seems pointless.

    i can understand why atheists come off as jerks, but i don't agree with it. it's the same garbage reasoning that brings us so many threads hating on Islam: people hijack religions and bring us death, therefore religions are bad (nevermind that it took people to hijack the religions!).
  6. In my (atheistic) opinion, there is no universal, absolute meaning to life--life's meaning is assigned by the individual.
  7. see in my eyes thats not atheistic thats looking at god as the self , its just taking out the 'god' its kinda how i tend to believe
  8. I don't think there is a god or anything happens after you die. Those ideas keep people happy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Ignorance is a bliss so people just ignore logic and reasoning. Death is such a fucked up concept that it's hard for me to wrap my head around. But to nothing am I certain. Is this all a dream of some guy from the past thinking about possible outcomes of the future. It very well could be...No one KNOWS.
  9. I disagree. Like sunshine said, I don't think there is any innate meaning to life, I think its a wonderful coincidence, but I don't view the self as god. I view the self as a collection of atoms that are arranged in a unique and interesting way.
  10. Your tone seems to say that you think death is a bad thing. Is that so?
  11. From an atheistical point of view I don't really give a fuck what religions people associate themselves with. I do me and you do you:smoking:
  12. I've been wrestling with how open I should be about my disbelief in gods. But the other day my evangelical christian friend, in the same breath, demanded that I admit that I cannot know that there is no God, and asserted that he "knows in his heart" that he is right. It hit me then, that the truth of the matter is that none of us know, and that we are all building speculative philosophies. So what gives the believer the right to assert their understanding over the non-believers? Nothing does. We non-believers are arguing for a worldview without magic, if that takes away your meaning, then continue believing, just don't get angry when we don't take you seriously. We are all competing in the marketplace of ideas, and let the best idea win.

  13. It's a weird concept, ya know? One moment you're alive and the next it's just..NOTHING.. Like you never existed in the first place

  14. Life's meaning is assigned by the inherent properties of atoms, not the individual. :smoke:

  15. This.

    When will the theory of everything come into play ? :D
  16. The days got to come where you put down the fairy tale book and start educating yourself about the reality of this world we live in. Living in a fantasy world only acts as keeping your brain at ease and prevents it from progressing.

    The more you learn subjects such as science, the more your eyes will open. As you learn about the universe you will realize how ridiculous and simplistic the logic of religion philosophy is compared to the reality of the universe.

    Religion likes to make us humans seem so important to this world but its the farthest thing from the truth.
  17. Troll.
    Why bother replying?

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