hypocrite or new smoker?

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  1. So I really don't know how to feel about this. Ive been with my girlfriend for over a year now, and we smoked a while back and it turned in to a rather bad experience. I've asked if she wants to smoke again everyone in a while and it usually ends in her getting mad. So i ask the other day, and thats exactly what happens. She goes off about lack of motivation, me choosing weed over her, all that shit. Keep in mind that throughout this whole thing, I made it clear that smoking isn't something I just want to do by myself, its something I want to share with her! So we argue for a while, finally she gets over it, but I'm left feeling somewhat hurt as she had just attacked one of my favorite activities (Gettin hiiigh). So all is well and dandy, its a few days later and she is hanging out with her friend, this obviously doesn't bother me, every things cool. Then I talk to her later that night, and it turns out her and her friend SMOKED?! Like what the fuck?? Did we not just spend the better part of a day arguing about how you dont like the (untrue, propaganda) effects of weed?! So my question to you, my fellow GrassCityites is should I be mad about her somewhat hypocritical actions (which I am) or should I just be happy that she could be getting more into smoking (which I am also, thats the confusing part!)

    Thanks for any help!! :smoke:
  2. Its best that you talk to her about it. When she's in a good mood, bring it up. If you bring it up and she gets mad, then you know she is a hypocrite. People usually get mad when they are caught and try to flip things.

  3. This

    + I think a lot of it has to do with girls disliking cannabis as a whole. I know a lot of girls here that fell into the propaganda and just had a bad experience with it. Maybe it was coincidence about the weed, she was offered and then she felt comfortable to try it again. But yeah dude, still sucks, talk to her.

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