Hypertrophy-Specific Training or HST

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  1. This is not for beginer weightlifters so if you have been lifting under 6 months, do not attempt this.

    the website for the workout is http://www.hypertrophy-specific.com/hst_index.html

    Theres no gimmics, its just a straight up webpage and forum, nothing you have to buy or anything like that.

    Now that I finished my 5x5 routine and put on some strength, it is time to get a little bigger before I cut so I am starting HST.

    Heres the basics.

    You take 8-12 excercies that should cover your whole body.
    Then take your 15, 10, 5 rep max on all the lifts.
    Then take 9-14 days off the gym.
    Then for 2 weeks you will work out M,W,F with the 15's. Your last workout, workout 6, will be your 15rep max and you will work your way down 5-10 each workout from there so you are increasing weight each week.

    Then you do the 10's for 2 weeks, 5 's for 2 weeks and then either negatives or drop sets or continue the 5's at the end.

    Anyone had any success with this program?

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