Hypers Total 12/12 bagseed video thread

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  1. Here we go.. 2nd run at 12/12 from sprout.. happy with first plant, got 4 sprouts in and waitin to see how many turn girlie.. 400 watt HPS, low budget with hyponex soil and miracle gro ferts.. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32HfdnnxYc4&feature=youtube_gdata_player[/ame]
    This is the starting vid.. there are a few changes for the plans with the genetics mentioned but this is about the bagseed girls... its a mess in there as my last 12/12 is finishing up, so i will clean up this week for next weeks vid... thoughts are welcome...
  2. "The Hanger" made me laugh when i first saw that.. Can't wait to see how that turns out. Lazy bastard(jk, jk).

    Sub'd for sure though. I've never seen 12/12 from seed before so i hope you keep these videos coming!
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    Glad to have any company and input.. welcome aboard.. i will be updatin vids every weekend, and some regular updates in tween if i feel so as well as the usual chatter but the vids will continue weekly... if your interested heres a vid on the last one that was 12/12 from seed.. any input is welcome, even the neg...
    Sorry, edited with right link.. posted same one first time around
  4. The girls (i hope) are happy tonight, gave some ferts a couple days ago to my hanger and the twins, they took off, and are happy as shit.. all the babies recieved 1/8 strength foliar feeds tonight on the tops as well as the undersides of the leaves, as the undersides have a much more rapid rate of absorption and less exposure to light so it doesnt evaporate so fast.. the triplet is lookin gnarly and happier everyday.. i am resisting the urge to post any pics as i want to wait until wekends so the advance for each plant is very noticable... the triplet is throwin out her triple blades now, and i gotta say its gonna be cool lookin in the vid update this weekend... plan on toppin after i shoot the vid as well... i will decide this week which i plan to top, but i am pretty sure that the hangar will be exempt from the topping experience... peace out GC...
  5. Well, today the girls are growin... we seemed to have a spurt after the foliar, so i have given every one some and now were all growin so i will probly do that once a week or so, found some great info on foliar from MSU and WSU colleges and anybody whos readin should consider it during vegetative stage... topped 2 of the plants today, and watered the hanger with 1/3 strength. I have been watering all the plants pretty much every other day, adding juice every other feeding.. hanger was one of the 2 topped, and one of the twins... hopefully they take off soon as i know i topped early but its more just to see if i can.. dropped a cali connections boss hogg reg seed in the dirt yesterday (thanks ninetailz) hoping she makes it thru... got some assorted fem seeds as well but gonna wait a few days, setup on my day off... thats another time, and soon another thread.. i will be posting a vid of the kids this weekend as well, kinda slow growth but i said every weekend.. hoping to chop down project this weekend, also another thread... peace out yall....
  6. Got a couple girls slow to take off today so i put them under the cfls for now, the 3k's tied into the timer so they are on schedule still... not much action yet so its a quickie today... next week there will be more goin on... another grow action as well, probly throw that action in the same vid and it can work for both threads. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJhpuXIKR4Y&feature=youtube_gdata_player[/ame]
  7. Didnt really see much dif when i moved the smaller plants so they are back in the flower room where they belong.. theyy are just growin slow i guess.. the triplet reverted back to double, opposing leaves, so shes normal again, not what i was hopin for but maybe she will finally get a move on... i am expecting some signs of sex on 3 of these plants in about a week or so.. the twins and the hangar are pullin away at a rapid pace, never even stunned growth topping the 2 plants i chose to top... i plan to be trqnsplanting the hanger next weekend, and hopin for some pistils by then... i need the pots as soon as i can, i got plans for them.. the twins obviously are the no transplant experiment and goin awesomely, so i hope theres a girl in there, both would even be cool... a little string and i think i could make it work.. they have been takin water nearly every day and dry as shit the next day, gettin 1/3 nutes nearly every time, no burn evident yet, no excessive dark veins, so they are diggin it... might go straight water next time and then move up to 1/2.. also thinkin about goin a day between waterings just to let the roots expand as they look for water... one more note for the night, the heating pad for sprouting seeds is the fuckin bomb... got tired of waiting on my hogg, dug around, she hadnt even cracked.. reburied, no water, and set her on the pad last nite, an inch tall tonite... im hooked for that.. gonna go ahead and drop another seed and see how it works... so the highlight of my night was that the boss hogg had sprouted, its now in veg under a couple 34 watt cfls... In a couple days i will add the 70 watt hps to the mix... hopin for a lady as i believe the hoggs were reg seeds... thinkin the OG Kush x Cheez is gonna be the next seed to pop.. highly excited to see what she yields, supposed to be a monster...
  8. First confirmed bagseed female today, one of my fastest growers so i was surprised... best part is its one of the twins, and te twin i topped at that.. thats good... thinkin about movin them to my smaller space so that i can use the big light to veg the hogg and kush n cheese... the last 12/12 barely fit fully flowered but she fit.. id like to utilize the hid for my vegging girls for maximum growth and minimum stretch...
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    Few pics

    First confirmed fem


    The twins


    The hangar


    The whole family at 22 days from sprout under 12/12 lighting

  10. Tried to upoad the hanger sittin upright but phone wont cooperate.. somedays this app pisses me off.. im sure yall can imagine what the plant looks like but pics are funner
  11. Got bored and anxious, so today i did the room switch.. evryones tucked back in and proceeding with flower.. should know male from female tomorrow on all but the triplet... got a little vid cause i was bored and stoned, extra update this week i guess
  12. We have another female, however bad news is that hanger is lookin to sport the guy bits... cant be sure till tomorrow but thats how its lookin
  13. And i was wrong, hanger is in the preflower home stretch and the eyepiece is showin a lady.. transplanted today, will tie her down tomorrow nite... looks 3 of 5 so far, too bad i wont have room for all of them.. heres some healthy roots 4 yall, good base for a small girl.. transplanted a little early but im really just pushin the shit out them to see what they will take... i also topped it again, =) like i said, pushin the shit out of them girls... just wanna see what they can handle as im sure they are probly all gonna go down sooner or later to the good girls, but im not cuttin em out yet, you never know.. i will keep what i can on the outskirts so they can live and maybe finish...

  14. ForumRunner_20130110_162057.png

    Gave the bagseed ladies some water tonight.. been abusing them pretty hard, so tonight i gave them straight water with the exception of hanger, who got pounded with 150% recomended dosage of MG Bloom Booster.. i just wanna see how hard i can hit them.. after 20 minutes all the top leaves have yellowed a bit, so shes not happy about it, and that quickly she may not handle it.. guess tomorrow we will see... shes actually the only one not to show much action over nite so im figurin its due to the transplant which will further her discomfort with the MG puke... since they are more for play at this point i figure why not play...!
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    Turns out i guessed too soon, and the second no transplant twin is a dick.. its lookin like the triplet is as well but its all good... still leaves me with3 bagseed girls to abuse...

    EDIT: surviving female twin is thrivin, however stretchin quite a ton as well... so, in a further attempt to abuse these girls to the fullest, i gave it my first attempt at super cropping... hanger didnt seem to mind the excessive nutes either, all bagseed girls recieved 120% reccomended MG puke tonight...
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    This weekends update.. hope it works for yall [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjuDqNhhwkQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player[/ame]
    Already wanna go up and drill a couple more holes.. i still got more cfl's and i got a collection of old broken lamps for fixtures.. Thinkin 2 more cfls would do wonders, any thoughts? That would be 4 23 watters and 2 36 watters plus the 70 hps...
  17. Next weekend if not tomorrow i will add the other 2 cfl's... i did however mess with the twin some more.. tied down the 2 shoots below the cropping.. gonna try to grow it outward instead of upward for a while maybe... lots of stretch to deal with...


    Fuckin sideways pics.. you think they could have updated that shit by now...
  18. Not much action, lookin for input... negative or psoitive, whether on plants, format videos? Like, no like? Waistin time?
  19. Transplanted the last girl today...


    The speedy twin is growin rapidly and constantly needing adjustment to her tiedowns.. i like it... i have 6 shoots all tied to the same height, cuttin plant height by 5 inches, mission accomplished so far.. also decided in my pursuit for fuckin with these girls that im puttin speedy back into veg as its only a few preflowers.. gotta try this scrog, so shes the guinea pig...


    And all the bagseeds together

  20. I've been with you the whole time. I like 12/12 in the face

    Over the summer, I used MG bloom booster to root tomato cuttings, and I was amazed by the end result. I learned about MG and Monsanto, and into the trash can it went though. With my recent troubles trying to learn how to clone, I wish I would've kept it.

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