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  1. Its a plan in the makin, have most supplies, time to build a room..

    8'x8' grow room

    8000 btu ac, dedicated

    Anywhere from 2 to 4 400 watt mh for veg depending on requirements.

    1400 watts hps for flower, an MH or 2 mixed in for spectrum and coverage..

    Mylar emergency blankets for wall coverage

    80/20 mix of Kellog organic garden soil and ffof..

    Beans are 30x Hazardous creations by Oz seeds..

    Intend for a 4 to 6 week veg time, freeballin grow to monitor structure and veg speed among phenotypes..

    Its a bit early but i figured it would be nice to start from the beginning of the build.. i have dual 30 amp 220 for supplying light voltage, and dual 20 amp 110 for cooling and airflow..

    First time pheno hunt and plenty of time for suggestions before gettin beans wet so whether it be room construction etc let it fly.. Lets find that diamond in the ruff blades...

    one bud at a time

  2. What you doing for co2?
  3. Ya know, with the exception of my very first plants grown ive never done any co2 action.. i may just do the diy version like i did the first time.. just get like 5 or 6 of the 2 liter version and let it roll.. good thinkin, i hadnt thought about that.......

    one bud at a time

  4. Kinda forgot about this thread, so in the pheno world, 3 planted, 2 were females. Sitting at about 25 days active veg I think, transplanted into 4 gal pots today. Right plant, super cropped and then fimmed and then topped 3 times. Left plant, topped 6 times. Both lst training in action. 60 days approximately left of beg befor flower...

    also had to fire up another 400 in veg to accommodate for numbers and size with my normal grow op pants receiving the same amount of veg time..
    For shits and giggles, a veg room shot as well..

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