Hypers Intelligent-Gro II LED 5x5 scrog

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  1. Hello GC.. This thread is intended to showcase the new IntelligentGro II Intensity Series 900 watt LED panel, the IGRO II 900TRU

    As a former HPS user, I intend to compare performance as well as review the panel for Intelligent Gro. Without further hesitation, let's get this started.

    As stated, we will be running the IGRO II 900 TRU from start to finish, day 1 thru chop.

    The light is mounted inside a 5x5 grow tent, with a 240 cfm intake and 240 cfm exhaust.

    We will be growing a variety of cannabis strains (surprised?) from seed as well as a few from clone. To start we have 2 hazwater (hazardous creations X blackwater) reg beans. They are sprouted and going under the LEDs. Also planted but not sprouted are 2 Silent Lucidity. Soon as those sprout we will plant a blue dream and a cheese bean. Included are 3 clones, 2 girl scout cookies and 1 ice road.

    These fine ladies will be basking in the artificially enhanced sunlight while comfortably sitting in some fox farms ocean forest cut 50/50 with perlite.

    We are using General Hydroponics Floranova nutrients, both the grow and bloom formulas.

    During veg the ladies are tanning 24-7, until they sufficiently fill a screen and then flip. No saying how long veg will be but I don't see any hurry.

    Temps are holding steady at 81 degrees, and rh is sitting at 45%..

    First time with LED I was impressed with the construction. Seems very well built, and pleasing to the eye. Switches are perfectly located, everything works well. The hanging hardware was a bit light for the panel, and the power cord was a bit light duty for my taste with a high wattage panel. I replaced both with larger equipment and things are rolling along very well. The panel itself catches the eye as quickly as the color of your space and your plants when you switch on the unit.

    3 switches, first being grow/intense. That's your main light, beastly to say the least. 10-63 watt cobs light up the tent quite impressively along with some multicolored diodes. Second switch is Veg, and it activates additional blue LEDs. Very blue. 3rd switch is Bloom, which light up the additional red LEDs. Very red..

    So, its pretty, its shiny, and its bright. Time to see how it grows.

    Big thanks and air 5 to Intelligent Gro for sponsoring the panel for this review.

    Enuff stalling, let's grow some weed..

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  2. A few pics of the unit.

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  5. Thanx for showing up y'all.. Hope to provide a good show for ya.

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  7. Thanx for coming guys. I am excited for these lights too.

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    According to Intelligent Gro's website, its comparable to 1600-2000 watts..

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