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Hypers 1st genetics White Widow, Super Skunk, OG Kush x Cheese, and Boss Hogg

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by hypercardriac, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Yeah, everyone's plants are getting really nice right now as we near the harvest. Hyper is doing a lot of harvesting and flowering. Very good job man.
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    how you liking the nicely textured "empty" soil now? hope to hear from you soon!
  3. The soil sucks balls.. The curling shit is showin up on all my girls now. They are 3 and a half feet from the light so I can't imagine that's it.. Playin with a few variables to see if I can't clear it up.. Usin my wife's I phone and these things suck balls.. Anyway I didn't get any pics but I will try tomorrow. Moved bubbles to flower and those girls are just Rollin..

    Slh 3 is gonna be the quick girl and may even beat the 509 girls by the looks of it, slh 1 will for sure take the longest. Cssh is gonna finish quicker too.. Her and 3 are swelling and getting some orange pistils.. Seeing some pistils change on 2 as well. Not sure what kind of weight but I gotta start producing weight..

    Veg room is slow but things are growin. Thinking I had temps a bit chilly so it's comin up a bit. The 509 clones are growing pretty quickly and nicely. Still got funky leaves but nodes are like 3 quarter inch apart on the beaut.. She's the long one from the bubbler. Slh 2 clone is growin in the quicker category but not as quick as her sister bubbles is.. Miss ogre is the worst curling up funky leaf shit, and stretching like hell.. Everyone is greening up decently now. That's bout it. I will try to get some pics tomorrow but who knows. Ordering a new tele Monday so I can get back in action. Hope to be back soon y'all..
  4. Well, as you know leaf curling that is not light related is usually a magnesium deficiency. Some people use cal/mag, some like Epsom salts
  5. Hope ya get things straightened out man. I think your girls will pull through fine, and once you get the soil mix dialed in it's a wrap  :bongin:​ 
  6. I will pick up some Epsom salts tomorrow while I'm in the city. I wa actually lookin into it yesterday but didn't have the extra cash at the time.. Thank garr
  7. Are epsom salts only good with soil? i have  a RDWC,
  8. I don't know the answer to that PT. But I think either Kitsune or Tailz could answer it.
  9. Ya my bubbles is showing it as well.. I need to find out how to use it too. So the new growth comin in has it and the first node with it smooths out. Just gonna roll. The super crop 509 is spin awesome. I can't wait to post pics. She needs adjustment daily. Dropped 3 hazardous creations today. I plant to toss everything that's ready and not a keeper under the screen and flipping in about 5 weeks. Slh 3 is gonna be the first of all plants out, even before the 509s. She's amber in pistils and a steady rate and swelling, she's at 4 weeks from full on flower today, something like 5 from flip. I expect completion by end of week 8. If so I will shit the bed and fill half a room with her someday. She's got the most lemony smell right now. Slh 1 seems the other keeper with the weight advantage and frostiness. 1 wast fab through veg but not real impressed with her at all in flower. She's just a stretchy mess and harder to get light thru, more leaves and larger fans, but still totally sativa at the se te. She sucks ballsacks right now.

    Over and out soldiers..
  10. I really like the sounds of SLH 3 finishing fast, how is her smell? Is she more skunky or more Hazey? SLH 1 sounds nice too though I thyink I can take a plant that finishes later if it makes a superior smoke but if it tastes the same and the high is the same I would prefer the faster =) I can't wait to hear how they finish out for you =). 
    As for the adding Epsom Salt to your reservoir you can definatly do it, but I would advise against it. It is adding more salt to the res, and the salt can already be high depending on the nutes that you currently use. If you are really looking for a Cal/Mag product there are several nute companies that make a decent product for it. I like the General Hydro products, they are cheap and work really well. Would be better than the Epsom but this is just a feeling. I have never tried the Epsom Salt personally, just the thought makes me think twice. Too much salt can inhibit the plant from absorbing nutes through the res. 
  11. I broke my t break. Dammit. :lol:

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  12. Thanks kit. I do have some cal magic. Just seeing if Epsom was an alternative for mg def. Without adding more calcium.

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  13. Hyper how you doing man?
  14. Not so well garr, but the girls are doing good. So guys, health took a turn for the worse. It's gonna be hot and miss on updates. Later I will try and get some pics up but it will prolly not happen today. It takes everything I got right now just to handle watering. Sorry fellas and ladies. I do have 3 of 3 sprouts of haz c I planted couple days ago. It's also a bit early to tell but the Epsom seems to be doing the job. I have been reading everyone's threads but its a hassle to reply on this thing. Missin the city but this shit is hurtinge real bad. Again I'm sorry everyone, just tryin to concentrate on keeping myself and the girls kickin. The girls are soon better then myself. Peace out and good day to all..
  15. It's all good Hype just worry about yourself and the ladies. Just post every now and again to let us know that you are still up and kicking. Sorry to hear that you are down right now, I know the feel and hate it. Even the best medicine we can grow will just help deal with the pain sometimes. 
  16. Hoping for the best for you and your girls. Sending some positive vibes your way.
  17. Take care of yourself man.
  18. Don't over exert yourself dude. Do what you can when you can.
  19. Morning all. Gonna go snap a few pics this morn before my get up 'n go is gone. I will post up in a few. Got se tincture samples this week, very pretty, and tasty, but it ends there. No noticed buzz, no effects whatsoever. The precise reason I don't buy anything from dispensaries but weed, it's never worked.

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