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  1. What up blades

    This may be stupid but I seem to have a hyperactive metabolism or something. Background: I'm turning 19 in two weeks, 6-2, 140-145 lbs (i fluctuate on a weekly basis it seems). Here's the thing though, I consume a good amount of protein and exercise regularly although not too strenuously (I have a pull-up bar and do sit ups and push ups to stay toned) but can't seem to gain weight. What's more, it seems that my metabolic rate is faster than my digestive rate, i.e. I feel like im eating more than I can digest to stay energized.. I eat like every 2-3 hours, and this has been going on for at least the past month whence I've taken notice.. Maybe it's a growth spurt?

    I guess I should stop rambling, I'm wondering about a way to slow down one's metabolism

    PS, inb4 "ur lucky u should eat as much as you can while you can"
    Im not complaining, i'm just wondering if there's a way to control metabolism like pH :smoke: obviously its not exactly the same but are there certain foods (I generally eat all organic so something organic would be much appreciated) that can healthily slow down one's metabolism?

    Also, It's not munchies. I smoked a good amount (more than an eighth a day to the head) for a good year straight, but im not even a daily smoker for now.. Im tired of coughing up green shit in the mornings. The way I look at it im taking a t-break without having to abstain :p
  2. Go to your doctor, talk to him about it, and ask for a blood test so you can rule out diabetes or thyroid problems. If your levels are normal, you're probably alright.

    When I was in high school I had to drink milk fortified with powdered milk and oatmeal between classes plus eat a huge lunch every day just to gain a little bit of muscle mass from my weight training.
  3. dude im 6'2 and 141 pounds but it fucking fluctuates just like you said.. although I don't really exercise (gotta start back up) I eat quite a bit, well I try to. Fuck man Im so skinny, you probly are too right? lol
    Ive seen worse, but fuck man I feel like I gotta get atleast a bit bigger.. maybe when I turn like 21 ill get a bit bigger, cus my dad is pretty big although he's shorter than me.

  4. I've ruled out diabetes according to both my physician and I consulted my kinesiologist/chiropractor to test my sugar metabolism and he said it was spot on, despite his guess that I was heading towards diabetes. Thyroid problems, however, I cannot rule out. My Mom has thyroid problems of the opposite nature.. she can't stay awake even a whole day. But, she was horrifically anorexic throughout highschool and it caught up to her as she reached middle-age.

    I even try to eat calorically dense foods like home made burgers and healthy meats like salmon in large portions at every opportunity. As of the past year or two I've really been conscious of my health, after eating one-too-many mcdonalds burgers and sitting on the toilet in all-american constipation one too many times.

    Thank you for the advice though, my mom has been bugging me to get a full panel to rule out any vitamin deficiencies so I may as well have my thyroid tested simultaneously

  5. Yeah man, thats exactly where Im at. Im not the skinniest guy I know but im up there for sure. I figure I'll buff up a little bit, but my dad was as skinny as I was growing up. He grew up in Australia though, and after moving to the US and getting a desk-job and being introduced to monstrous portions, he's put on a lot of weight hahaha. I guess it's just a gift and a curse :devious:
  6. Good to hear you've ruled out diabetes.

    There is no way to slow down your metabolism, you just have to feel hungrier so you eat enough.

    Quitting pot for a while will help because the body gets so used to having those munchies that it doesn't feel very hungry when you're not baked. Many of the hardcore stoners I know are are getting too skinny.

    For me, beans help to keep some meat on my bones, but I am having to build up the amount I eat slowly because too many cause me excessive gas and soft poo. I buy dry beans and soak then cook them. Canned ones have lots of added sodium and other BS

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