Hygroslime And Questions Help Please

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by astrid, May 28, 2013.

  1.  Alright, been growing THC bomb, so far it's growing great right now. Unfortunately I had some hiccups in the start so the growth got stunted a bit, and I beleieve it has happened again. I went through some trial and error with Hygrozyme, I was told it was beneficial bacteria so I included it in my res. But every-time I added it, in the matters of hours I would have brown algae forming on the bottom of the res., eventually clumping up on the roots. If I let it go it will eventually turn into brown particles floating in the reservoir.

    If I did not add any Hygrozyme I would be perfectly fine, no algae. Nothing I keep my res temps constantly in the high 60's so I don't see that an issue. I used Fox Farm nute line, which could be a factor.

    So tonight, I cleaned out the res and all the lines and airstones. Dipped the root system in a 50/50 h2o2 and RO water, let it soak then rinsed the roots, and dunked once again than rinsed again and soaked in RO for 2 minutes. Luckily all the algae broke off and dissolved off the roots. I switched the nute line to GH using 1/4 strength Lucas Formula, and some H2O2 4 capfuls of 3% (might be not enough.) But my res. temps are good so I don't know.

    I got a reading of 222 PPM and 5.9Ph

    Now for my other grow in a different bubbler, has GH with Lucas Formula and Hygrozyme and there is no brown algae and the res temps are same as the other one, I don't if it's the nute line causing the brown algae.

    Should I try a Microbe Tea? I got the materials coming in the mail (Aqua Shield, ZHO, Earthworm Casings) I'm using Heisenberg's Tea directions.

    I want to conquer this brown algae thing, maybe the nute line change might do the trick and lose the Hygrozyme.

    Organics in Hydro is starting to seem like a pain in the ass.

    Any advice?

  2. Google Hygrozyme slime and you will see it is an issue. Why use it? If you want to use additives, GH has a lot of them.

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