Hygromite anyone?

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  1. O.K.
    So I have searched thru a few of the discussions and I cant seem to find much info Hygromite. I am currently using Hydroton pellets but I'm tired of chasing the ph levels and, more importantly, they clog up the 1/2" tubing on my hydro system. Hygromite has peaked my interest, sounds like the extra silica content will be beneficial too. It sounds like it comes in different sizes as well.
    Anyone have any feedback?
  2. What kind of hydro system are you using, and what nute system? I am running a DWC system under a 400W HPS, and using rockwool and hydroton, using the Lucas formula for nutes (With RO water). I have not had to adjust my PH or my PPM in 2 weeks. No PH issues whatsoever.

    Did you rinse your hydroton really well? And I would not blame your PH issues on the hydroton, I can almost guarantee thats not whats causing it, unless you did not rinse the hydroton and soak it before it went into your system. I would look to your water and your nutes to see whats going on with your PH.
  3. Thanks for the response...
    I run a bubble bucket / drip recirculating system ( similar to the waterfarms) and use GH nutes. I recently found the lucas formula and it seems to work well. I think you are right though, I rinsed the first couple of bags really well and soaked them in ph adjusted water overnight... no problems with ph. I think I only rinsed the last bag quickly and then planted... now I have to adjust every other day or so. It wants to drop. I use snow/ rain water with little or no starting ppm.
    I can deal with the ph , but the smaller sized pellets want to fall thru the net pots into the buckets, and then occasionally they get into a lenght of 1/2 " tubing and get stuck... gumming up the whole operation. The size and shape of the Higromite seemed like it would work well.
  4. Hi...

    I use a 50-50 mixture of higromite and hydroton in my modified GH Waterfarms. My plants seem to enjoy the higher silica content of the higromite. I use the Lucas Formula with some variations.

    I had a PH swinging problem on my first grow, using all hydroton, before I started soaking it in low Ph water. With the 50-50 mix (and soaking the hydroton), my Ph stays in the correct range (5.3 - 6.3).

    Good Luck
  5. Thanks Who
    I came across your waterfarm tutorial a a while back, I added the circulating system and it is working well.
    Any reason that you didn't use 100% higromite?
    Do you have any issues with the hydroton pellets blocking your tubes? I use net pots so a few of the pellets always get thru.
  6. I just mixed it because I had hydroton available. Their website shows plants growing better in 100% than in mixes. I usually have a problem when I am pumping out a WF and getting hydroton caught in the intake hose :mad: - very hard on the pump!
  7. Right on, I'm going to give it a shot.
    Thanks for the feedback .

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