Hydroton rocks-Q

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by CheesyPeace, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. O.K. So I have 2" cubes and planted them into 6" grow baskets full of hydroton rocks.

    They are now in their final homes where they will live for their entire life. They are just babies at 2 inches and single blade leaf sets barely beginning 3 blade sets. 400w MH.

    Previously I was watering by hand with very diluted superthrive and ph balanced water. I want to start flooding the table in about 3 days,where light nutes will be introduced. I am probably going to start by flooding 3 times a day with half to quarter strength hydro 3 part nutrients. Part A, Part B, and superthrive combined to create a complete food diet for the plants.

    Also I lowered my light again and its now 18" above the plants with temps of 82 degrees around the leaves.

    This is my first attempt at using the flood and drain table. I am wondering if anyone can share some advice or comments what you think about my setup.

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