Hydroton leaves red film on everything

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by zpyro, May 25, 2009.

  1. I washed the shit out of the hydroton before I used it, but there's still this red film (dust) coating the inside of my reservoir/tray. Is this stuff going to harm anything? I'm pretty sure it won't but I thought I'd ask anyways.
  2. sounds like harmless dust to me.

    as it accumulates, id clean it out, but thats because Im OCD about stuff like that. shouldnt hurt anything
  3. the dust from hydroton doesn't stay suspended in your solution..so unless your sucking your soluition off the bottom you should be fine.

    pretty much if you move hydroton its gonna make dust, and in the shipping process ( to your door or the hydro stores door) it moves alot.. that dust is gonna get caught up in the pores that make hydroton so great.

    it just takes some experience washing it ..or a few weeks of run time on your hydro ( less then more you wash obviously) LOL I just fill a clean sink then bring the water level high enough to suspend everything..then drain..wait about 10-15 minutes...then as the dentist says "rinse & repeat" I do this 4 times ... ,my last bag was really really dusty I think cause it was a one of the big bags ..the little 10 litre bags seem much more clean .. so I might go 5-6 cycles next time, but I meander..and I still get a very fine layer of that "hydroton silt" for about 1-2 weeks

    hope that eases your mind a bit Z

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