Hydroton ebb and flow

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  1. Hey guys i have a 2x4 tray filled up with 50 litres of hydroton. I plan on using rockwool cubes in this grow. My question is when i fill up my tray the hydroton kinda just floats around Im thinking if this happens my rockwool cubes are going to be floating around also? Should i flood less? Or is this okay?

  2. check out my ebb and flow in my journal. I use square pots with the hydrotron in them. when the table floods the plants stay where they are. I started my clones in rockwool then added put them in the pots and filled all around the rockwool with the hydrotron. this is my first hydro set up but i have had my clones in there since the 21st and there is already a ton of new growth.
  3. I know i can do it like this also. The problem is i already bought all that hydroton and i might as well grow like this. I know people have done it this way i was just wondering if its normal for the hydroton to float around like that. Thanks tho
  4. i know hydrotron floats. I use it and when i washed it in buckets they all floated to the top of the bucket.

    im not sure on how to do it the way your talking about.
  5. Im asking if its normal for this too happen or if i should flood less so theres waters in the tray but not enough for the hydroton to float around. Sorry if this is a super noob question lol Im new too hydro.
  6. you want the rockwool to never dry out but also not be waterlogged. Damp. so experiment with the times. Thats what i have been doing.

    How will the hydrotron and the rockwool be situated?

    Rockwool on table with hydrotron all around?
    Hydrotron with rockwool sitting on top?

    I fill mine untill the bottom of the cubes are submerged so the rockwool can soak up the water.

    I do this every 2 hours for 15 min each. I have been told this might be too much but its working for my plants. so im sticking with it untill i need to change it.
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    I do it exactly the way you are wanting to do Mason. I use a flood table filled with hydroton and plant my seedlings (started in rockwool or grow plugs) directly into the hydroton.

    The hydroton should stay in place, as long as your water level doesn't go over the hydroton layer. I have never had any trouble with my plants floating all over the place.

    Good luck
  8. High All:wave:

    With the flood table you want the grow cubes completely covered with hydroton,
    dont want Light hitting the grow cube...

    Your flood should be just the right height so they dont float, try and adjust your flood so its a lil lower... Timing really ranges depending on enviorment.. You dont want the cube waterlogged all the time, late in flower this leads to trouble..

    Hope that helps mate

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