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  1. Well I got my wisdom teeth pulled out 2day and I got like 18 hydros, just wondering how long they take to kick in i took one about 7 minutes ago and have yet to feel anything

    will someone who smokes around a quarter a week have a higher tolerance for vic?

    any comments would be appreciated.
  2. How many mg per tablet? You ever done oxy, herion, vicodin, codeine a lot....? When I took it for the frist time I took 4 5 mg tablets. And no weed tolerence wouldnt have anything to do with opaite tolerence.
  3. well its a 500mg anti-baterial/vk tablet. I really dont know the strength of it the label states I am suppose to take 4 a day. My mom wont let me touch the pills because of the horror stories of my parents good friends son, lost like 2 friends to oxys/blues and doesn't want me to get addicted. ill give you an update legs kinda feeling tingling but I am not sure if its the anasetic they gave me in the hospitial
  4. It's going to say 5-500,7.5-500,10-500.. something of that nature.
    Too bad for you that your mom is holding them from you, complain you're hurting and maybe she'll give you more?
  5. Im gonna guess that they are just the 5 mg one and have 500 mg of APAP in them. wait till you got 4 or 5 then pop them alll

  6. THC Tolerance has nothing to do with opiate tolerance.
    On an empty stomach, they should kick in with in 20 to 30 minutes, on a full I'd say 30 - 45 minutes.

    See theres already been like 6 posts, and no one answered your questions =(. I hope I've helped.
  7. If you only took one, your not gonna feel anything, even if its a 10mg pill. Wait till you have 3 or 4 and pop them at once.
  8. everytime she gives you one pretend to take it and really put it in your pocket, then you can have 20mg at once!
  9. lol well they actually only do alivate the pain, i made some weed cookies 2nite so hopefully ill feel atlittle better from the vic :)
  10. This ^

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