Hydros SUCK

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    I bought 10mg of oxies and 22mgs of hydros for 20$. I split and popped the oxies, they were fucking amazing I loved them. Next time defenitly getting a bigger dose.

    Tonight I split and popped the hydros, for awile I thought I wasn't even gonna get high since they took forever to kick in.

    Finally they kicked in, it sucks. I have a low buzz that has a slight euphoria, I'm drowsy and a little out of it so to speak, that's it...

    I don't get it, I was expecting something way better...

    also, both pills are legit, I checked.

    btw no offense to any1 who likes hydros/uses em, mabye I did something wrong (don't see how that's possible) or mabye they affect people differently, but i'm very disappointed in the high as compared to the oxies...
  2. hydro is weak... oxy>hydro
  3. i took 3 oxycodones with apap.... they each had 5mg of oxy in them... then my second time i took 4, and i smoked a blunt about 4 hours later, pretty fun....
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    Okay people...you do know that oxycodone and hydrocodone dont vary in strength that much

    Oxycodone isn't some super strong opiate like a lot of people seem to think.

    5mg of oxycodone = 7.5mg of hydrocodone.

    You can just get oxycodone in higher doses and thats why it is so popular.

    Now pick up some oxymorphone and youll see what a strong opiate is.

    There's no way this guy took 10mg of oxy and thought it was "fucking amazing" and then took 22mg of hydro and didnt feel anything more than a buzz(would have been a better high than 10mg of OC lol). I don't think I'd even feel 10mg of OC lol..
  5. yeh i find that i gotta drink grapefruit juice about an hour before i take hydros and usually i feel pretty damn goood !

    like right now!!! ahahah 30mg of hydro and about a few glasses of grapefruit juice and im noddin reallly hard!
  6. Hydros do kinda suck, untill 40-60mgs. Then theyre real nice :cool: So dont judge before you try a real dose.
  7. They cost too much for where they get you here. They cost more per mg than I can get oxycontin for, that is when people actually have some. I do like the hydro high though. I think I actually prefer a high dose of hydrocodone to oxycodone personally.
  8. I agree.

    But they are pretty expensive per mg. So I never buy them, just have fun whenever I get a script.
  9. I like hydros more then oxy.

    I railed a 40 of oxy twice with no tolerance and while it gave me a nice buzz, it was more of a mental high with some mild physical euphoria.

    Hydros on the other hand seem to give me more physical euphoria/nodding and less mental affects. Also cheaper then oxy for me

    An oc 20 is $15 while a 10mg hydro is $5 30mg of hydro hits me harder then a 20 of oxy does. I need atleast 40mg for it to do anything. At that price I would rather have the 60mg of hydro.

    It leans more towards the price for me...I do preffer hydrocodone but if the oxy was cheaper then I would probably choose it.
  10. it was my first time taking an opiate recreationally, so it was way more euphoric than any drug i've ever done.

    I had 0 tolerance to opiates, and yes, I felt it. Took 22mg of hydros, i got a buzz bigger than the way I worded it on this thread (since I wrote it in the middle of coming up) but it was still a buzz... they are two different drugs. They may have similiar effects, but they are 2 different drugs...
  11. With the money I put in to buy 40-60mgs of hydros I could get oxies and prolly get a way better high (imo anyway) and that's my point.
  12. Yea..same here
  13. interesting. I guess opiates affect everyone differently then. I've heard both sides from many people
  14. Yeah, for a lot of people it takes 40+ mg of hydro to feel anything.

    However, imo, a recreational dose of hydro is better than a recreational dose of oxy.

    But that's just imo.
  15. I love hydro :yummy: but it's the only opiate I've tried so I have nothing to compare it to.

    There's only 3 opiates I plan to try in my life... hydrcodone morphine and codeine. The other ones just seem like a slippery slope to heroin. I have good self control but I'd rather have a mental line drawn of what I will and will not let myself do.
  16. 22mg's of hydros isnt quite enough
    next time try at least 35
  17. oxy is 3x as strong as hydros. they feel even stronger since they come on so fast. they give hydros for tooth aches. they give oxy for major surgeries. what did you expect? lol..

    i take hydros and at around 30mg you get a good chill buzz. not a nod but thats not really what hydros are about. oxy for nod hydros for actual pain or just some chill pills to eat while doing shit.
  18. i get em free, and the only thing there good for(for me) is keeping the dopesickness away, when i had no opiate tolerance, 6 10/325's had me feelin' pretty good.
  19. If you dont use opiates often (3-4 times per year or less) I find if you dose the next day, I dont get nearly the buzz I got the day before, even if I take a bit more.
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    Shit, what mg of hydrocodone is usually prescribed for surgery?
    I have only done once, they were large white oval pills and I downed 3 of them and I felt faded and heavy. (Lol, I probably took like a really small dose, would like to try a high dose but hydros have acetaminophen)

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