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  1. either bubble or drip ..both is overkill IMHO....
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    enough to keep your roots wet. looks like the water running out of each net pot would fill a gallon jug in 2 min.

    looking at the pics... i dont like or trust that setup. and theres a hose stuck inside with the roots. what if u lift the lid to check/fill it and the hydroton settles and/or the hose moves a bit and breaks off a main root.... waaaaaaay too iffy for me.

    id be more apt to shooting the hoses out of the top and mounting them in some fashion and run the water that way if u feel u must use that setup. get the net pot caps and drill a hole for your hoses to stick in. then mount to your net pots. maybe even split em and run on each side.

    those are your babies. your break from reality. dont take risks by sticking hoses in the roots that will be moving around everytime u lift that lid.

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