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  1. I have a 4'x6'x2' cabinet that I am going to grow in.
    Does someone have a diagram or instructions for a BASIC
    Hydroponic system??? (I already have lights, HID & Floro.)
    All I need Is the hydro part..........keep it simple if you can!!
    Does the water-nutrient solution need to be flowing?
    Do you need to have air bubbles circulating?

  2. Try the bubble buckets folder at www.overgrow.com

    the bubble bucket method is pretty easy.
  3. what up
    hydroponics.net might help ya out some overgrow.com is a good one also
  4. I just experimented with the bubbler kit from www.overgrow.com and this is what is got me so far.

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  5. pic 2

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  6. pic three

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  7. your results maybe better cuz I then them in soil then transfered them over so .... but this is proof that it works

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  8. well its working but... its not also..

    Your plants are looking lanky. what kind of lights are you using. definately not enough. there is not anything you can do other then add a hella more light. you will not yeild if you use your current lighting setup. It might also be that your floros arent close enough try to move them within 2 inches if it is floros? (thats just what it looks like to me in the pic) not trying to diss your grow just give my opinion!

    as for the hydro its looking like you have done everything right. just increase your light and you will be a happy man in 2-3 months

    good work on the bucket :) what nutes are you using??
  9. Can someone post a picture log of Hydro grow.

    Say 2 weeks - 4 weeks 8 weeks 10 weeks or whatever.

    Just so I can get an idea of what "good" is supposed to look like.

    I have seen some really impressive harvests and they do make my eyes water. But it would be helpful to get an idea of what I'd be getting into before I setup a full blown hydro.

    Can I set it up under a large Dining room Table. LOL
  10. i've been looking at several pre-made kits for hydro/aeroponic setups... i'm actually kind of considering doing it this way over soil. i've seen some complete kits that have EVERYTHING you need for your first crop (including complete instructions), then all you gotta do is buy more nutrients for any crop thereafter... and they're not all that expensive (a little over $400 for the smaller kits).

    i don't have much room, so the fact that they're pretty small has caught my interest... also, i don't have to go all over the place trying to find the different things i need.
  11. Good idea to put that guide in your sig...it's easier to look at there than on Word or in a pm.

    My next grow is definately dro.[​IMG]

  12. it was Sid's idea to put it in the sig area. anyone who wants to do the same is more than welcome to. this way it's more likely for others to see it. :D

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