Hydroponics: Touching water or not?

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  1. So I had a simple question. When starting to grow without soil, does the rockwool have it be TOUCHING the water or do I keep my water line below my pots?

    Will the roots grow into the water or do I have to have the water line touching the bottom of the rockwool, please help, thanks.

    Picture attached to show what I mean.

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  3. You can have the water just touching the bottom of the pot so it wicks up into the medium and then lower the water level when the roots have dropped. Or leave the water an inch or so below the bottom of the pots and water from the top until the roots drop.
  4. So I put the rockwool at the bottom of my 'basket' and the seed will germinate up through my clay balls?
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    Put the rockwool at the top with the clay balls underneath and keep the water just below the bottom of the pot (basket). As the water splashes on the clay pebbles they wick the water up to the rockwool and keep it moist... Then when the roots have grown out the bottom, you lower the water level. I wouldn't worry too much, it doesn't have to be perfect. See my artistic pic:

    Edit- I would wait until the seed has germinated in the rockwool before putting into the system.

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  6. Ahh perfect

    Thanks so much.
  7. Since a second opinion is always appreciated... Everything Optical said was accurate. :D
  8. You can "wick" the soup up to the container.

    You can drip the soup into the container.

    You can "fog" the container.

    It (the container) must be kept moist enough to not let the roots "dry out".

    In my rig I use foggers, the container is approx. 3-4" above the soup.

    I suggest you research DWC.
  9. Hi , I am setting up a single plant dwc(with an air pump and air stone ), the seedling has been put in a 3 inch net pot(initially she was in a peat plug in a 2 inch net pot, she got too tall as I put the lights a bit far away) and it's looks like she's having some nutrient deficiencies. Is it time to put her in the dwc? What could be the other causes of the yellow burnt tips?

    After a lot of research, I figured out that water level needs to be such that water bubbles need to just touch the bottom of the plant so that little water gets sprinkled at the bottom.
    My next question is what should the water level be once the roots touch the water ? Do a need to leave a bit of a gap between the net pot and the water level ?

    Thanks in advance[​IMG]

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  10. i always leave the water at about 1cm below my net pots. the air stones splashing wets the pellets and for me, that is enough.
  11. I use a 1 inch buffer, the reason for this is to allow a diffuser chamber which increases aeration, there are those who say it's not necessary, been doing this for 10 years. I also germinate in my net pots, so I keep the water level just above the bottom of the pot until roots have reached the reservoir.
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  12. whatever method you use.....make sure your roots have sufficient acses to oxygen.....
    the key to heathy roots and a good result.
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  13. I have 10" diameter net pots in 5 gallon buckets. I will be using 7" of hydroton in each basket. I was planning to have the pots sitting 3.5" into the water with an airstone directly underneath each net pot basket. Each airstone will get its air from a 15 litre/min air pump with 4 outlets (3.75 litres/min for each outlet). So, about 2.5" of the roots will be above the water level and 3.5" of the roots below the water level. Of course, as the roots grow, they will just go deeper into the water. An overflow pipe will keep the water level constant and I will be supplying water with a submersible pump and each net pot will have 2, 1/4" lines coming from the pump. So, the hydroton will be constantly hydrated from the top besides being 3.5" into the water. Lots of water and lots of air!

    I keep reading that the net pots should be just above the water. Is there a problem with having the roots immersed in the nutrient solution? Do any of you see any problems with this arrangement? Thanks.
  14. Hey
    Just wondering how your grow turned out? Im planning the same setup, did you run your nutrients 24/7?
    Thanks CurtO
  15. Your setup seems good. To start keep your water level right below the bottom of the net pot. Then gradually lower your water level as your roots expand. It's ok if some roots are in water but not completely submerged. They still need air and an airstone can only do so much.

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