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  1. does anyone know where i can find information on hydroponic maintennance, water level, medium etc.? if so send it my way. ive searched the threads but i dint find any good threads that was informative. thank you
  2. what type of hydroponic system are you talking about

    nft,ebb flood and drain,dwc,? there are many..
    and each one has general similarities but also differences
  3. deep water culture. im using rubbermaid containers
  4. pretty simple

    try to keep your nutrient solution at least 1' below the net pot
    when doing a res change always clean your buckets with something
    like fungicide or a dilluted bleach solution to prevent scum growth
    make sure the air stones arent clogged when you res change
    and use hydroton for your growing medium

    make sure that your rubbermaid containers are opaque
    so that light doesn't encourage algae growth

    other than that some simple tds//ph testing and you should be fine.:wave:
  5. thanks man i needed some of that info. i kinda ran into a problem with the container. the container where my nutes are going to be is gray and it isnt that light proof. im trying to figure out a way to make it so no light gets in but i dont want to spray paint the inside because i dont know what effect it will have on the nute/roots.

    what is tds? i know about my ph testing and how to correct them but i never heard of that tds term.

    another thing, after germination does the root have to grow enough to hang through the net pots into the nutes?

    sorry about the questions i just cant find a good thread on hydro without bugging a bunch of people.

  6. Tds is short for total desolved solids it lets you know how much nutrients and salts are in your resovior it is pretty much the same concept as ppms

    the root will eventually grow, in the germination process alot of the growth is happening in the roots so you cant see it to much at first but the roots will find their way just remember to make sure that until the roots touch the water make sure it doesnt dry out so pour water on the hydroton often

    paitence is number one with growing if you really want to understand the process search youtube or google for some time lapse videos it will help you plan and understand what your plant is going to do next for begginers

    adios :smoking::wave:
  7. oh ok i get it, so until the roots actualy grow into the nutes i should water them. should i use nutes or filter distilled water? im looking at time lapse videos now so im getting a GOOD understanding on it.

    i should als water the hydroton only if its dry correct?

    thanks for the help, its about to be crunch time when my seeds get here so before i do anything i want to make sure im following the correct steps
  8. btw i should use only hydroton for the medium because i have rockwool and hydroton
  9. TDS is measured in Parts Per Million(PPM) that's how their related. If you wanted you could get some black duct-tape to wrap your rubber-maid container. Ive got two 5 gal DWC buckets wrapped in black duct-tape nothing but roots. Some advice get a good digital PH meter, if means arent available a liquid ph tester will do. Keep a steady ph and growth will follow, as far a nutes. Organic will be sorta fail safe in keeping your plants fed. I personally follow the lucas formula but thats my opinion:rolleyes:
  10. yea i heard about lucas formula i need to look that up. i have a store im going to next week to pick up nutes and whatever else i need.i only need to pick up grow and bloom but im trying to figure out what brand is the best.
  11. I've never used it but Fox Farm would be an ideal organic choice, right now I'm using advanced nutrients. Not sure if this is the case with everyone but since I've been using the lucas formula ph has been perfect.
  12. advanced nutrients is what a couple growers on here refered me to get.

    random question.
    2 strains in one box ok??
  13. Sure as long as there in their own containers and no males appear you'll be all good, have them labeled of course to keep track of each.
  14. good deal, im using plastic mesh to keep the roots seperated to um divide the tub in half if you get it

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