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    I have started four new plans in a new hydroponics flood
    I am having a problem with the plants. They started off good and they just started going south. Here are a few pic's ...
    I am using the advanced nutrients grow A & B
    In the pic of all the plans the one in the front on the right is not being affected so I didnt thank it was
    chemical burn. The other three are all doing the same thing. That is the pic of the third pic from the left. I am feeding once every 4 hours for 30 min they are all in rockwhool.

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  2. Maybe it's a little hot in there?
  3. I guess you are using an Ebb-n-Flow system? If so why are you feeding evry 4hours? The nutes should be put in the water and forget it. When water runs down add more water and nutes. Very easy. But you have to make it easy.
  4. they look like its too hot. 76-84 should be the temps, 35-50% rh.

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