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    I want to move toward a hydroponics system. I want it to be big time, but man it is hard to find black and white advice on hydroponics systems. Someone point me in the right direction please...
    For indica I'm interested in NFT and SOG
    For Sativa NFT (sativa doesnt work with SOG correct?)
    If NFT is a stupid choice, please help me get on track...if NFT is a good choice, please tell me where I can buy the absolutely top notch system. Not really interested in building my own unless it is a proffesional kit.
    are these good options?

  2. I know nothing about nutrient film hydro but SOG normally stands for sea of green. It's a system of planting close together to maximize the space available not a type of hydro.
    You can use SOG in either soil or hydro.
  3. You should start small to get the hang of hydro. It's nothing like soil or soilless mediums.

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    Define "Big Time"
    Mature MJ root mass is too big for most NFT, but SOG might be ok
    Sat SOG is fine if growing single colas only
    You could take a bunch of clones and remove side branching along the way to produce a bunch of donkey dicks
    Hydroponic-Research V+B is both simple (one part dry formula) and cost effective 
  5. Well I'll chime in.

    If you want to do a sea of green with hydro, the only way to go would be a flood table. You could theoretically squeeze in 96 plants into a 4x4 flood table.

    However, if this is your first time doing hydro, I would recommend the doc technique. It's very forgiving, minimal moving parts/water pumps to go wrong, and Is by far the cheapest in investment. I would argue the growth rate rivals even aeroponics under proper conditions. However I'd say it's really not wise to employ the sog meathod... too much work.

    So there you have it. My two cents. Either consider the flood table for easy, smaller, large number of plants or DWC for a cheap way to "get your feet wet" with hydro. And with enough veg time, grow some legit trees indoors.

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