Hydroponics? I dunno meng i'm no scientist!

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  1. Wut up all,
    I currently have 13 3 week old babies, I wanna switch to bubble buckets. I've been readin a lot about it and it seems the best choice. I figure if I just wait to flower my babies and take cuttings from the healthiest female, then i could grow clones in a hydro setup while the others flower. How would I go about doing this? If someone could explain to me from cloning gel to BB operating, I would be most grateful. Pics help too.
  2. nobody can explain this to me?
  3. If the plants ya have now R in soil and U want to start hydro, ya may have a couple of weeks yet . If they started now ya may have back to back harvest. IMO hydro bubblers R very quick at growing. 12 weeks from seed to harvest. How much room do ya have? how many do ya plan to hydro?Have ya ever did DWC?Is this UR first?Do ya have a ph tester and all the tools?

  4. First off, of course you want to take clones from a plant you know is female. However, I would not take clones from a plant that is in flower; they are harder to root. It can be done but, not with as high a success rate as a vegging plant. I also recommend you keep one plant as your designated cloning mother and never flower her. This is insurance in case your cuttings don't root.

    You can use either cloning gel or powder; gel is a little quicker. Cut off a branch from the lower part of the plant that has 2-3 nodes. Cut at a 45 degree angle with a knife that you have cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Put the cut stem under water and then stick it in your rooting hormone (gel or powder). Put this in a soil-less mix or rockwool or whatever and put them in a dome (I use a Wal-Mart shopping bag as my dome). Mist them with fresh water and open the dome/bag twice daily to allow them to get fresh air. Put clones in the periphery of your HID light or in a window sill; strong direct light is no good. In 10 days to 3 weeks roots should be growing.

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