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    Brand new to hydroponics my first hydroponic grow and I don’t know when to transplant my net pods into my DWC tank. I started my seeds by putting cubes inside of Ned pots that were filled with hydroton. The roots are not coming out of the net pots yet but some of the seedlngs are looking a little stripy. Is there something I’m missing or should I go and put the pots right in the Hydro unit now? Can I put them in now and just keep my water level little bit higher so it hits the bottom of the pots? I’m just not sure what to do and any help will be appreciated

  2. When I ran DWC I started my seeds in rapid rooters and placed them in the hydroton as soon as they sprouted. Feed from the top until the roots reach the res.
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  3. Ty for your response. I’ll do it.
  4. I agree with Mick, I start mine in my cube, put the cube in my hydroton in my net pot.
    I then run just straight ph’d water in my bucket right up to the bottom of my net pot so when the bubbles burst they hit the net pot.
    Then just feed ph’d water from the top unti your roots show
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  5. I have a lil more economical method that speeds everything up.

    I like these starter sponges better than root riots or rapid rooters because when you buy a bag of those, they are kinda wet and you prob won't use them all at once, and then there will be mold or algae that grows on them, etc, and they are pretty costly too. The sponges I reco'd are dry and less expensive. In conjuction with a cloner, you get sprouts in a day or two.
  6. Thanks for everyone’s help. They are in the tank and perking up. Very cool setup trojangrower
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