Hydroponics germnination workflow

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  1. So, I've been searching the forums for a while looking for an answer here, and have't really found one. So, at the risk of you wrath for asking what must be an often asked question... What is the best workflow for germinating a seed with a hydro setup?

    Now, I realize there are many different types of setup, and each would work somewhat differently. But each plant needs water, a medium, and oxygen to the roots, so in that respect there must be a similar workflow for each system. What I'm getting so far is this: Start the seeds germinating with the standard paper towel method, as per a soil grow. Once the tap root shows, transfer the seed to a starter cube of your choice (Rockwool, Suretogrow, peat moss, etc.).

    Now, this is where it gets fuzzy for me. What then exactly? In soil grows, according to the germination sticky in the beginner forum, the seeds do not need nutes for the first 24 days. In a hydro setup, do I just give water to keep the cube moist, or do they need a mild nute solution? At what point should I begin adding the nutes?

    I realize these are basic questions, but I wanted to ask them here because I figured you advanced people would be more likely to know more about hydro. I am still waiting for my own nutes to arrive by mail, so for all I know the answer is on the instructions. But fore-informed is fore-armed... or something. Any response is greatly appreciated.

    If it matters, I'll be using a top drip system. I was planning to germinate with peat moss plugs (unless that's a stupid idea, please chime in).
  2. Hey. I heard this is where the hyrdo folks hang out. so i dont think its exclusively advanced.

    When I first started I didnt know what germinate meant lol, I just threw some seeds in a rockwool cube and off I went.

    I have heard damp paper towels in a baggy works really well.

    I only grew from seeds once and I nuted them from the beginning because I didnt know what the hell I was doing. They lived, a couple did really well. Now that I clone, I start giving them 1/2 grow nutes once all have taken root (2-3 weeks) and then they usually go straight to flower before long, but if I am going to veg a while I up them to 100% the next week.

    I love a good drip system....

    I have been fashioning my own fliters for my submersible pumps by buying 3 dollar cartridges and dumping out the carbon and wrapping them around my intakes. But I was at a place called superpetz today scoring a tetra 100 gallon air pump on sale for 20 bucks and I noticed there is a specific product for submersible pumps. Its like a nylon bag with a draw string. You're gonna want something like that or you will be constantly cleaning that fucker out.
  3. Thanks for the response and advice about the pump! I was going to rig up some sort of filter screen where my water recirculates, to keep the pump unclogged. Butthat bag idea is even better!

    Unless someone else has better advice, I guess I'll give the new seedling 1/2 nutes for a couple weeks, then slowly increase to 100% dose over the span of the third week. Please, if anyone else has any advice, I would be most grateful. Germination is my biggest concern.
  4. i am having the same problem! lol
    have grown in soil, with quite good results, thought i'd try out hydro to see what the diff is.
    Got a streeeeeeeeach and a half going on! lol
    dunno what to do with the nutes either, when to transplant or anything!
    Have looked everywhere but these proper basic questions i cant find answers for! lol

    i germed with a wet paper towel method, exactly the same as with soil, except that when the root started to show it went to a rockwool cube instead of into soil.
    so far it has been in the cube with just water.
  5. after you move them to a growing medium from a paper towel you can give them light nutes. probably 1/4 strength.

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