Hydroponics cob light/driver selection ideas

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am a newbie and have a hydroponics setup with vegetables (lettuce, basil) that require 250 -300 umols/sec, DLI requirement around 15-20 mol/day. I have trays that are 80 cms long and 15 cms wide. I am currently using some cheap leds and want to convert to dimmable low wattage cobs which may provide a good light distribution on each tray. I am thinking of having 4 cobs on each of the tray but not sure on what would provide me the PPF I need. Any suggestions?
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  2. i am in the same situation with same area, and surely would like to compare notes. i have not yet measured the umol/(m^2*s) yet will do so soon. you are the first person i have seen that references DLI. it is a new science for me.

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  3. Thanks Leafy Greens! Will be waiting for your results.
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  4. I hope to order my first cob lights and drivers today. check out growmau5 youtube channel. awesome info.

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  5. I have 4 Cree 3590s at 50 watt each on a 3x3 and was able to grow and fruit all at once 2 tomato plants, 2 pea plants, 2 pepper plants. I hope that helps.

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