Hydroponics and the best approach

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  1. Hey.
    So i've got a little under 10 months to learn everything there is about successful hydroponic approach. Best places to store, passive sub-irrigation or static solution, light height above container, best lights, temperatures, how to treat and take care of growth, difficulties that may arise, etc. etc. etc.
    Any type of help or hints as to how i proceed would be excellent. 

  2. What's your budget and how much room do you have? Go for under current system and plasma lighting, or aeroponics and t5. See the wide range! You should do more research and see what you'd like bruh. Then once you get a lil set up that you'd like, post it and ask our feedback on it. Right now you're basically asking someone to do all the 'grunt' (Internet research lol) work for ya. Also go check out your local hydro store!

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  3. You need to make your questions specific. If you simply ask people how to grow, they may well just answer read the forum.

    Try to keep your set up simple and standard. Don't try and replicate new ideas and definitely don't try and invent things. I have seen many new growers thinking if its more complicated it must be better. Stick to the standard template for your first grow. It will teach more than any other
    Why 10 months? Going to start growing for the legal market?
  5. nah i'm moving to my house in the summer so thats when i start set up. 
    and good point, i meant to include what my plans on the equipment was. but i will be looking into your suggestions, and post pix when i set up

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