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  1. Hey everyone. I'm trying my best to pick out the best hydro set up. I read Hightimes,Skunk,CC,& Heads. Looking for idea's I'm willing to spend up to $5,600.
    I'm going to buy 2 hydrohut's First being 4x8x7 Second being 4x4x7. & the MAX Watt's i can pull will be 2100-2385. I know i will have two 600watt HID/HPS For the 4x8x7 hydrohut used for flowering. A single 600watt HID/MH for the Mother's & Veg. room in the 4x4x7 hydrohut. & A 100watt Flous. clone chamber to root in before moving to the veg room. I want to use the (SOG) Meathod Or (SCRog). To Achive the biggest yield possible on a consistant basis. I was looking into useing Either Ebb&Flow with SOG. Or DWC with SCRog. I've attached photo's of the hydrohut & the 2 tray ebb & flow. but the one i'll buy is a 3 tray and it's 89inchs by 44inches wide. Please help me out and what kind of yield can i expect if the strain im useing produces 500-650 gram's PSm2 (Indoors) The Square footage of the flowering room is 32 Sq.Ft. And 16 Sq.Ft. for the Veg/Mother room. I want to know what is the largest yield possible, & how often can i produce a good harvest.

  2. Flood tables all the way. Less maintenance. DWC gets messy after 8 plants, and the build takes more work then a table and reservoir. I have seen real nice commercial DWC systems, but it would take a lot more set up and design.

    Make a frame to hold a screen 2' above your cubes (make one to fit the whole hut). As the fast tops grow past the screen, pull them below the screen and over to a hole that is hard for it to reach. Keep doing this until most the branches have caught up.

    I found that topping and or tying will yeild more branches but add to your cycle time. If you have a big grow it might not be necessary and might have a negative effect on annual yeild. I stoped topping and tying and have made cycle time my focus. But you will have to do what is right for your grow situation.

    I say skill as a grower is the main factor in yeild, so I don't like to guess on what yeild you will get with a new setup.

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