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  1. Has anyone ever used this system?? We are gonna grow 14 at a time under a 400 switchable HPS/MH light in a 3x1.5 stealth cabinet. http://www.hydroponicgarden.net/site/990290/product/HF-14
    The question is are the pots to close together, I mean the system is 2ft by 1.5ft and has 14 pots. Them being so close, will that affect anything since they will be seriously overlapping eachother. And if not Im gonna just gonna build 6 hydroponic waterfarm buckets and pack those in my area. I have enough room to fit 6 since the cabinet is gonna be big enough and I using the rule of 50 watts per squar foot, so a 400 watter should be plenty.
  2. Anyone have a comment
  3. Looks nice but most people go with seperate buckets per plant. I guess becuz when your flowering you don't want a male to close to any females or maybe it's a space factor. This dude has the right idea http://forum.grasscity.com/showthrea...bubble+buckets
    and check out the system on the 2nd page.
  4. A 400 watt light will probably NOT be enough light for 14 plants. A more reasonable amount for 400 watts is about 6. So basically here is what you have: you can grow 6 great plants under the 400 watt and get 6 ounces, for example, or grow 12 so-so plants and also get 6 ounces. Your choice; I would go for 6 plants because for the same end result, you have done half the work. Other than that, everything else looks good.
  5. do you have to put a plant in every pot. Basically it sound like you will have a however big your set up is full of weed, but below the top will be little growth. If you do this you might want to go with the tyoe plant that grows and yields quickly. I think Lowryder is the fastes plant I have heard about.
  6. Well I figured the 400 watter would cover that area more than nicely. But thats what I figured with the system, that it would crowd all the plants together. So Im probably just going to put in the waterfarm 5 gallon buckets or whatever they are becuae I can fit 6 in my set up. I wanted to start 14 becuase I dont want to start 6 and only end up with 3 females that would make me cry. Im also plannin on growing some Isis and some Oasis, because I heard the Northern lights bud is good and it looks hella blue. I live in Alaska and our shit is pretty good. But ive never seen blue or purple shit, white and green only. And I think I should be able to get more than 1 ounce out of every plant in a hydro system, i was hopin for like around 8-9 or more becuase I have some experienced family adult freinds that are more than willing to help me get set up and answer any questions. Plus my girlfriend and I have been reading up on this shit for the last year, weve already read a book on this subject. cuz were finally getin our own place in 4 months so were orderin shit rite now.
  7. Oh ya thats 8-9 ounces total for all 6. We just dont like to buy it, its like 280-300 for some good shit and that will get you 28 grams. In anchorage its tough to get bags that weigh more than 3.2 for $40 sometimes 2.5, you have to buy in bulk. Problem with that is I have freinds that sell only in bulk, no bags so if i want a bag or quarter you get skimped. I fuckn hate it, I cant wait till I get set up.
  8. Yeah, I just said one ounce per plant because that is a good starting point especially for a newbee. It is absolutely possible that you get more than that especially growing in hydro. It is very good that you are doing reading. That is very helpful however, I found out the hard way that reading the book was not nearly enough. Other problems always arise and experience is always invaluable. It is good that you have people to help you that know what they are doing. If you start 14 plants I suppose that is fine but, if you don't get 6-8 males, your garden will be inefficiently lit. If you grow very small plants that are very close together you MIGHT be ok with the 400 watt. Also, make sure that you put the same strain plants into the same bucket. Don't mix strains in the same bucket. Other than that, sounds good.
  9. Correct me if Im wrong but 3x1.5= 4.5 and 4.5x50=225 so doesnt that mean that since I can fit 14 in that hydro setup that 400 would be double what they recomend. I dont understand how that is inneficent. Plus Im just going to be using the aquafarm units, gonna build them myself like 6 of them. And i know to only put one plant in each pot, and no I wasn't going to put multiple strains in each pot. But what about feminized seeds, are they worth the money. I read that instead of gettin a bunch of males I just get a bunch of hermies, is this true? and also what about a low odor strain, is the Oasis and Isis a low odor. Not that it matters, Im gonna live in a 3 story duplex with my gf we just dont want it to smell to bad, it would get annoying.
  10. Are you going to grow with a Sea of Green Method? If so 14 tiny plants might fit under the 400 watt light. The problem with the light is that the hood blocks light and only allows light to about 6-7 Medium sized plants. A two foot tall plant with all its branches will not fit anything more than 6-7 healthy females. Have you ever grown pot before? In the right conditions it grows out of control. I had 10 plants each in a 2 gallon pot and each plant was about 2 feet high. 3-4 of the plants had to be turned multiple times per day because they started reaching for the light indicating that they were being lit INNEFFICIENTLY. Now being that you are using that hydro system you might be able to get away with it but they will have to be small plants.

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