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    Which hydroponic system would you recommend using?

    I'm stuck choosing between 3..

    Check em out and lemme know what you think:

    System 1 (i need a 4 bucket addition for this one)

    System 2

    and if anyone can find any of these system's cheaper,
    please post the link!
  2. I like System 1 personally. I like Hydro farm though. However I've heard of problems with an even distribution in the medium of top feed systems. Ebb and flow is good as long as your pump or timer doesn't fail. Sorry I'm not much help, but the truth is your just going to have to do a little research. Weigh the pros and cons and go with what you like.
  3. i like the first system also
    although i need 12 buckets so id need to buy 4 more which is more of a hassle.

    i might go with the EBB but id like to get some more feedback.

    give me some advice people!
  4. I've always had waterfarm systems. I started with 2 single pots as a beginner then worked my way up to the 8 pot system. Easy to maintain and i can always rely on it. Only problem i had, and i mean once or twice in 5 years, is the watering rings can get crusted over. Nothing a quick clean can't handle. I've never used anything else except waterfarm so i can't give an opinion on ebb. I can say i love my waterfarm system.
  5. so has my friend..

    i want to grow 12 plants though

    & they only offer 8 buckets..

    is there any way i can attach 4 more??
  6. i need some more help with this, people...

    someone give me some feedback!
  7. 1) I don't like drip systems for flowering. I've never personally used one so I cant tell you much about it.

    2&3 are pretty much the same. I know a few people the ebb&gro's and they get decent results. If you are doing a flood and drain its much better to just use a traditional tray/table with a res underneath it. I personally use 3x6 trays with 40gal. reservoirs and you can fit anywhere between 10 large and 70 small(sog) plants under a single 1000hps. The pumps and controller bucket on the ebb&gro go bad all the time and cause a lot of headaches for my friends.

    If you really want an ebb&gro here is where to get it-
    Ebb & Gro 12-Plant Hydroponic Grow System - Plantlighting Hydroponics

    If you want to know more about setting up your own flood and drain table let me know and I can get you a list of what you need to set it up.
  8. I did a 20 plant Grow all individual BB's. no res, just took care of them, one by one, and it turned out great.

    if you look at my setup, *( Last start of DWC Grow ) in my sig.

    I say, if I can do that, IMHO, so can you. Much much .. cheaper also .. ..

    I also know a bunch of peeps that bought like your thinking, and they were not the happiest after that.

    best luck .. .. .. :)
  9. 20 DWC buckets seems like a whole lot to take care of. I have 3 DWC buckets for my mothers and they regenerate faster after cloning than any other method I have tried. They are not very cheap IMO due to the fact that each airstone is $30(micro-pore), and the air pumps for 20 buckets would be like $150.

    DWC definatley give maximum results but its maximum work. I prefer the flood and drain just because I can have 50+ plants on 1 res.

  10. Cool then man .. ..

    If I had ta pick, I would choose Number one on your list.

    Be well, .. :smoke:
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    I appreciate the feedback. :smoke:

    Im not sure if i want to go with the 1st system because if i add 4 more buckets on, it will cost more than $500
    But just in case, does anybody know the most in-expensive place to purchase System 1?

    So now help me choose between these 2 options:
    First off, is it possible to just buy 12 of THESE
    because that would only cost about $375
    & is there a place to buy them for less??

    Or would it be best if i purchased a 12 bucket EBB system for $399
  13. Is it possible to grow with just 12 of THESE
    or are there other additions i need?

    is there a place to buy them for less?? :confused:
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    well DIYin is cheap .. I make mine for about 35 bucks each + air pumps & medium

    if you are going to be running a lot of them .. you want em hooked together, and be able to circulate your solution between all of your units.. otherwise you will be trying to fix this one pot over here ..and that one over there. By having em all hooked together , all you have to do is mess with the controller unit, not each pot..

    NOW ...the controller unit can be as simple as say a 45 gallon rubber maid tote with a pump pushing water/solution, or one pulling water (pulling is better btw, less overflow/flood chances) through your WaterFarms...

    Your best bet at picking up hydroponic supplies to "pick and choose " when to DIY, and when not to... may I suggest picking up the 8 pack at first then adding on... maybe some DIYs later....You see, the real beauty of this system for beginners is that you can make it a 1-20 pot system..each pot can come out and operate all on its own.. allowing for more versatility as you expand or your growing skill/style increase/change...

    hope that helps....

    that is pretty much the standard price..matter of fact it is 5 bucks cheaper then the online store I use, but google is a better price guide then I will ever be...LOL matter of fact that is the place I am getting ready to try next .. they are way closer to home....
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    If i buy the 8 bucket HydroFarm System PLUS 4 more buckets it will cost over $500.
    where can i buy the system & THESE for cheap?

    I found these on EBAY:
    HydroFarm $386.95
    HydroFarm $387.95
    but i dont know if i can trust em.

    im planning on growing a mixture of different strains,
    so would it matter if i grew them with the EBB system
    or would i need to have them grow in their own individual buckets??
  16. Im thinking I should just go with the EBB & Flow System.

    it already has 12 buckets and its less expensive than
    the 8 bucket WaterFarm system + 4 additional buckets.

    BUT since im growing different strains,
    should i buy individual buckets?
  17. looks like Ebay now has a guarantee system now with money +shipping back .. sooo . .probably safe that way...but one of the vendors has money back guarantee from their site the other is an exchange from their site( gotta read that fine print on Ebay..:devious:) and since the Ebay guarantee is new .. I would go with the one that offers money back....

    and yes you will want to be able to separate them when each strain starts to finish for the flush, but that is ONLY if you have not already had to do so cause all strains eat up nutrients at different rates, and flourish at different Ph levels ....

    hey you want some really really good advice ?

    if this is your first crop... go soil. most especially of you want to run multiple strains. it is way..:hello:WAY:hello: :hello: WAY :hello: more forgiving....

    take clones of your girls .. the 1-3 plants that gave you the best sh!t , get kept..... then pick up that hydro system...you will of had time to do MUCH more research, and have a greater chance of a successful, happy, stress free :yay: hydro grow

    My .02
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    that sounds like some good advice.

    i was going to purchase all feminized seeds
    & wanted to grow them hydroponically though.

    is it safe to grow different strands in an EBB system?
    or is there a way i should grow them individually?

    how you were talkin about growing with soil,
    would i yield more if i grew that way??
    (keep in mind this is all indoor)

    give me some input people!
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    dude ..TONS of KILLER GREEN BUDS get grown in soil every month.. it is the easiest way to grow cannabis, indoor or out

    search "fox farm " in the indoor grow journals , you will find hundreds of positive testimonials...

    Fox Farms Ocean Forest is one of the best soils for cannabis, but almost anything that does not have chemical fertilizers already added ( aka stay the away from MIRACLE GRO :mad:), can be made to work, with little actual work

    no an ebb and flow bucket cannot be easily removed from the system .. they cannot work separately from the master unit .

    and the difference between yields of hydro and soil are pretty simple.. soil pretty much guarantees a harvest first time out , but hydro always guarantees a head ache the first time out, and a small yield for the first time grower. only a very few have trouble free first time hydro runs, and I sure as the hell was not one of em, and I grew up with a 1000 watt basement for my dads grow though the early-mid 80s , and had 3 harvests in before I even tried, back in 2003.......

    out of the night...

  20. your probably right..
    i should consider growing with soil then since i'm tryin to grow different strands.

    i was nervous that if i grew different strands out of the EBB, certain ones would need more of a nutrient than others and it would end up messing the whole grow up or some wouldnt come out as strong as others..

    i really appreciate the help! :smoke:

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