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    I am making an automated hydroponic setup and wanted advice on the layout. I wanted to have two buckets, one of them hold the plant and catches water that trickles through its net and the second one which mixes and adds the correct dosage of ph and nutes. If I want to change the water, I would activate the dirty water pump as well as the pump that takes water from the mixing container to the reservoir. Once the mixing container is empty, I keep the remaining water that was pumped into the reservoir so the plant has water for the time being while I refill and dose the new water in the now empty mixing container. When the new water is ready, the dirty pump drains the reservoir and then the mixing container's pump become active. I wanted to know if this a good way to automate this process. Sorry for the sloppy handwriting and drawing. Also the confusing explanation.
  2. Why not do a bubble bucket (dec) or a recirculating deep water culture (rdwc)
  3. I just searched up rdwc and it seems to be basically what I was trying to do. One question though. Is it ok if water is just being fed to the plant through the top continuously if there is no water in the reservoir?
  4. Yes but your gunna have to airate the water with a airstone. I do a 24/7 sprinkler mist. But my buckets are full of lava rock. The Rez has a airstone in it. The misters also help get oxygen into the water. They are placed facing down for full coverage. I use 4 of them per bucket. Why don't you want to do a bubble bucket (dwc)? They work well. There are many ways to do it all. As long as the water is full of oxygen it will work.

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