Hydroponic ScrOG Setup Questions

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Singoe, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hey gc, I have some questions about my future setup. Im going to have 4 bubble buckets, under a 250w HPS light, and obviously some poultry fencing between for ScrOG.
    #1, How often should I refill my buckets.
    #2, How should i determine how much nutrient solution to put in when refilling seeing as some has been taken in by the plant and some hasn't so I don't want to Over fert the water.
    #3, How do I train the plants well for ScrOG, I haven't found a good guide telling how to train them in depth.
    #4, What should be the expected yield if I use this method without any mess ups (using feminized indica seeds).
    Those are all the questions I have for now. If you stop by this thread please leave all the tips and advice you can give, all of it is incredibly appreciated.
  2. How bout I answer why nobody responded to your post? Your questions vary by topic ALOT, and can almost all be answerwed by a little research on your own.

    #1) Read any of the DWC posts and you can answer this question - actually I think it's even on the bag of hydroton. Oh no wait I'm thinking of what level to fill them at. You can refill them as often as they drop below your max level. I like to use an indicator and draw a line with a sharpie. If the level is below the line, thats how I know it needs more. You can see more about incorporating an indicator into your bubble bucket on the bubble bucket tutorials stickied on this site.
    #2) Invest in a TDS meter and try following the Lucas formula. The TDS meter will let you know how much nutes your plants ate, and the Lucas formula can keep you from screwing up your nute levels. Search for 'lucas forumula' and I'm sure you'd be surprised at the amount of readily available information, very detailed.
    #3) Are you kidding me? I've read multiple, and best of all they're even stickied so you don't even have to look.
    #4) THIS QUESTION IS WHY NOBODY RESPONDED TO YOUR FIRST 3!!! Best answer I've heard so far when asked about how much yield someone will get?: 'How long is a piece of string?' Anyone's guess in this department is game, because they're all exactly that - flat out guesses. There are far too many environmental factors that you can't predict/measure/list-in-your-post/even realize that are going to effect this. Fair game is anywhere between 1 and several hundred grams, I suppose, but I'm guessing here. So will too be any other reply. I know you want to know what your yield is going to be. I'm not trying to be a jerk. I wish I knew what my yields were gonna be too, but you just don't even have a clue until you run your setup through its first harvest. Poultry fencing is cheap and wonderful for scrogging. There's a very clear scrog tutorial IN THIS SAME FORUM. It has been stickied so it stays at the top.

    And lastly for the prickly unsolicited advice: ask less and read more. I've spent numerous hours just reading and haven't asked a single question, because my research answered all of mine thoroughly for me. I didn't know before I looked, but after I did I learned a whole lot more than if I would have if I just asked and took someone's word for it. Its been said over and over and over again here on these boards. Read, read, and when you've felt like you've already read everything, read some more. It's a great hobby that always provides room to keep learning.

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