Hydroponic Sativa grow Start to finish

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  1. Using HID 400 wtt in 6 sf growing space temps at 70-75 humidity at 40% Using 3 part floras gh nutes and adding meta k.

    this first pic the Sativas are introduced to thier hydroponics home.

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  2. after 1st water change

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  3. Flowering 12/12 at 16 days

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  4. Baby flowers starting to form

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  5. getting bigger at 21 days 12/12

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  6. switched the lights to 11 daylight and 13 hours dark

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  7. lights are still switched to 13 on 14 off two fans circulating air in one directly on the plants pretty strong.

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  8. I just picked some that was ready sorry don't have my camera (loaned it out for 2 weeks) to show the awesome color but man is it ever a body high then head high for hours I mean a stupid laugh your ass off eat everything in site high.
    I will post more pics at harvest to show finish. Thanks to all for viewing. Any suggestion to improve are appreciated.
  9. I was supprised to see some of it ready at 43 days but it was just about 1/2 ounce the rest is still growing and looking to get about 4-6 ounces total out of three then I will reveg for a smaller yield I know but can't let this go as I didn't take clones. It's Silver Haze. Very sweet tasting and super high.
  10. So hyrdo will grow much, much faster than regular soil-planted weed? Is it that much more work? How expensive per month would it be to grow around 5 good size plants (water costs, electricity costs, equipment costs, etc)?

    Sorry for the dumb questions... But I'm looking into growing my own (parent permission pending :p) and want to get a really good yield within a few months.

  11. Well weedseeker... I'd give you an opinion but first I have to sample the goods. ;)

    Wow, they look.... undescribable!

    What a perfect huge bud.
  12. How the hell u gonna get your parents permission, my parents wont even let me smoke :)


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