Hydroponic Questions!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by seenizle, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Hey all.
    Im near the start of my first grow and was hoping i could get some info.
    This is what i was gonna be doing.. if anyone see's anything wrong with my setup or
    anything please let me know!! i want a decent first grow!
    anyways... my set up is..

    an ebb n flow system i built myself. timed to water 3 times a day for 15 minutes a day
    ( to much water? / not enough? )

    600 watt MH for veg / 1000watt hps for flower

    floranova nutes for veg/flower, using lucas system. However im confused about when to start giving the baby's nutes and how much to give.. help plz =\!!

    i got 1inch cubes to start the baby's in a pot surrounded in hydroton rockwool.

    I'm just a little confused about a couple things here.. dont wanna have dead plants because of being a noobie to hydroponics :(
    so anything can help guys!
  2. Good setup...few things:

    1 - you're using rockwool - watering 3 times a day may be too much, especially for younger seedlings. I'd try once per day and see how they fair. You can easily tell if it's not enough water as it will begin to wilt.... but over watering will cause it to droop and dampen off, slowing growth to almost nada.

    2 - I'd also recommend using CFL's for the new seedlings/clones. No sense wasting money on a huge 600W on seedlings that can't really absorb that much light anyway... at least till you start feeding them.

    3 - When to feed - seedlings, I feed them nothing until 2nd set of leaves appears, and then only an EC of 200-250. Clones, I feed them once the roots appear, same EC.

    4 - Make sure you have an EC/TDS/pH pen (or seperate pens)... if nothing else, get the pH pen - it'll save ya tons of guessing during the grow.
  3. cool thanks for the info..

    for the lighting.. i have 22 seedlings though. and will use the 600watt mh for my mother plants as well. still might be a little much... but the ballast is mh/hps compatable so maybe i'll just use it for flowering if it is to much..

    so watering once a day for 20 minutes is good?

    im setting up my grow room as we speak, so maybe tonight i'll start a journal of my room/seeds/ and shit :D

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