hydroponic nutrients outdoors?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by marley, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Is it possible to use hydroponic nutrients like sweet leaf on outdoor plants inorder to get that sweet taste and aroma, if not is there another product which will give the same results for the outdoors.​

  2. Yes, i've been using my left over hydro nutes for this outdoor season's grow. Bloom, micro, and grow. But i've had some problems during fowering with them so i use miracle grow every other feeding just incase im leaving out some.
  3. What problems did u have with and i think that sweet leaf is not a bud booster its just carbohydrates for the plant to brake down into sugars.
  4. Your right, Sweet Leaf is all carbs, but those carbs give the plant fuel to produce bigger buds. Ive been using the Sweet Leaf, Carboload, Iguana Juice, Organic B, and Big Bud outside, and my plants are absolutely thriving. What I do to substitute for the days that I cant get out to my plants to feed them is give them some Peace of Mind fruit and flower from Fox Farms, and some high phosphorous bat guano. That seems to fill in the gaps that the hydroponic ferts may miss. Also, if your plants are in the ground, your going to want to give them a higher dosage than they say on the bottle because the ferts dissipate a little bit in the vastness of the earth, and the roots arent as concentrated as in a pot. I give my plants a dose and a half of the nutes every other watering and then just Humic Acid and Carboload in between.

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