Hydroponic Help Please!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by suspect, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. I just recently aquired a couple 4'x4' tables & was wonderin since what the best hydroponic medium would be to use.
    Im lookin for fast and hopefully heavier growth then in promix if it can be done.
    Please Help!
  2. If your talking about flood tables, then you need rockwool blocks.
  3. what about those little red pebbles or are the cubes better?
  4. Hydrotron (expanded clay pellets) are normally used in DWC, aeroponic, and drip systems. A basket is needed to hold the pebbles in place. The systems they are used in will have a constant sprinkling of water/nutrient in order to keep them damp. They hold water for a short period of time compared to rockwool bricks.

    Rockwool is a stand alone grow media and container. Its just a sponge. You only need to soak it a few times a day. Common use for rockwool is ebb and flow/flood (flood tables) and starting sprouts. They can be used in most hydro systems but I see comercial growers using them with flood tables 90% of the time.

    I have never heard of using hydrotron media with flood tables, but I'm not saying it cant be done. Just why would you?
  5. 4"x4" wool cubes pack the tables full of blocks....for a true "SOG" put one of the 1000's ya' have over each table and enclose them some how 4.5'x8.5' to keep in all 2000 watts on the tables....flower the "Blueberrys at 2" and stand back ;)
  6. 4'x4' cubes it is then, thanx guys, how many times a day shoutd I water for best results

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