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  1. I'm about 10-days out from completing my closet-build, and I think I'm going to do a top-fed bubbleponic recirculating setup.

    I've got a waterfarm from GH- and have a second pump for extra bubbles. I also have the GH Controller which adds 13(?) gallon external reservoir. I think I'm going to set it up to be re-circulating to this external reservoir with a constant steady flow in to keep a balanced level.

    I know everyone is going to say this is overkill- but part of this is experimenting for shits and gigs.
    Any thoughts? Anyone try this before?
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  2. Waterfarms grow some great plants - I ran a waterfarm 8 pack about 10 years ago. I don't know if they've changed their design but I had to drill larger holes in the upper chamber to make more space for the roots to grow into the res. When the roots hit the res I removed the top feeding ring and ran an air pump with 8 outlets to an airstone in each reservoir - making them dwc. Just make sure you keep the res cool.

    Good luck. :thumbsup:
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  3. Hey mate, appreciate the info-
    I actually already drilled a bunch more 1/4" holes into the top chamber as I've seen that same comment a couple times.
    Yeah, I'm going to be monitoring temps and think I might drop a chiller in the reservoir so it recirculates nice colder water.
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  4. Hey man experimenting can either be a success or something that you learn never to try again and maybe find a new method.

    I am pretty new to hydroponics but liking it so far. pH can be a pain in the ass at times. Currently doing the DWC method. Also just found out you have to completely switch out resiviors every two weeks in veg and once a week in flower.

    I plan on maybe ebb & flow table in the future. Think I read that is one of the best but pricey hydroponic setups.
  5. For sure! But that's part of the fun!

    Yeah, PH I know is a major issue. My tap sits at 7 flat so I'll be needing to PH Down significantly every time.
    Yeah I've seen Ebb & Flow before but don't know much about how it grows using that method.
  6. I think all growers experiment - I certainly have. After going through all the expensive systems with the pumps, airstones, chillers, etc., etc., I've settled on the simplest and cheapest method - hempy buckets.
  7. Yeah, I totally understand that.
    I'm pursuing this from a research perspective as I'll be eventually writing an article about comparative grow yields.
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  8. I'd be interested in your findings.
  9. Not sure how comfortable or familiar you are with hydro. The absolute biggest hydro issue is PH. How are you at balancing PH? The larger the reservoir the steadier ther PH levels. The second biggest problem is air and reservoir temps. Do you have plans to control both of those?
  10. Familiar with the theory- actual application this is my first run.
    I've all the tools to balance PH and will be carefully monitoring such to keep it ~5.8.
    I've got a VivoSun 4" Exhaust, and some smaller fans which in tests were great for airflow.
    As for temps, I will be seeing how it goes- I have an AC in the room and will happily use a chiller if temps aren't cold enough.
  11. I will be sure to publish it here and let you know!
    If you're interested, I've some abstracts on Cyclic Vomiting + Phantom Limb which were published in the American Academy Of Neurology. I can PM you them.
  12. Sounds like a plan. Random tips I thought of

    Get a paint mixer and cordless drill, it'll help with mixing the nutrient solutions faster.
    Don't forget to re-calibrate PH meter often, unless its one that you leave in the res 24/7, then you just need to re-calibrate every 3-6mo
    Less is more on the nutrient solution. This is a great thread on nutrient levels: LINK
  13. Appreciate the link, I will be studying that!

    Yeah It's going to be left in res 24/7, so I will be sure to calibrate it after every harvest basically.

    Appreciate the cordless drill tip too, didn't think about that.
  14. GH water farm is an excellent system.
    The drip ring(s) are fed by "air lift" pumps that are air pumps that force water up into the rings.
    That also aerates the buckets, so no air stones are needed.

    As an alternative to recirculation, consider removing a fixed percentage each day from the buckets, and then never changing out the reservoirs.
    Plants can pick and choose to some extent what they eat out of the reservoirs.

    My last grow in top feed dwc I never changed the reservoir even once, and all was well.
    This grow I'm emptying out about 5% every day, which gets automatically replenished by gravity using the same GH controller WaterFarm uses.
  15. Interesting!
    Yeah, I still added a small pump just because I wasn't happy with the bubbles in the lower chamber with just the air-lift set up.
    That's an interesting idea!
  16. General hydroponics really knows their stuff. I've been using their Ecogrower, which has the same top feed as waterfarm. I recently used 1 with airstone, and 1 without. No difference. Their top feed provides great aeration.
  17. I agree, it probably doesn't make a difference but in this case I have an extra outlet on the pump I'd be using for bubbles anyway- so it can't hurt.
  18. Every harvest huh ?
    You know little to nothing about a digital ph meters .
    Friend of mine works in the refinery at a Gold mine .
    Everyone coming on shift recalibrates their Digital PH meter , its mandatory ………...
    I have had to toss 2 meters in the last 18 months .
    I would check calibration at least once per month .

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