Hydroponic germination question

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  1. So, I've been searching the forums for a while looking for an answer here, and have't really found one. So, at the risk of your wrath for asking what must be an often asked question... What is the best workflow for germinating a seed with a hydro setup?

    Now, I realize there are many different types of setup, and each would work somewhat differently. But each plant needs water, a medium, and oxygen to the roots, so in that respect there must be a similar workflow for each system. What I'm getting so far is this: Start the seeds germinating with the standard paper towel method, as per a soil grow. Once the tap root shows, transfer the seed to a starter cube of your choice (Rockwool, Suretogrow, peat moss, etc.).

    Now, this is where it gets fuzzy for me. What then exactly? In soil grows, according to the germination sticky in the beginner forum, the seeds do not need nutes for the first 24 days. In a hydro setup, do I just give water to keep the cube moist, or do they need a mild nute solution? At what point should I begin adding the nutes?

    I asked this in the advanced area as well, but I fear it was the wrong area to ask and nobody answered. I am still waiting for my own nutes to arrive by mail, so for all I know the answer is on the instructions. But fore-informed is fore-armed... or something. Any response is greatly appreciated.

    If it matters, I'll be using a top drip system. I was planning to germinate with peat moss plugs (unless that's a stupid idea, please chime in).
  2. I put my seeds straight into rockwool to germinate, it's never failed me. Once my sprout pokes her head out, she goes into hydroton pebbles in her net pot.

    Seedlings will not need food for a couple of weeks, plain, pH adjusted water only. :)

    Good luck. :wave:
  3. Thank you! This is what I thought, but I ordered feminized seeds and didn't want to kill them my first time out. ;)
  4. Those coco plugs work well also.

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