Hydroponic 6x10 trailer grow ideas.

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  1.  So here's the plan, I am going to purchase a 6'x10' trailer to grow my pot in. I plan on havin about 6'x7.5' for my flowering room, and about 6'x2.5' for my flowering room. I was planning on fitting 16 plants in the flower room in 4'x2' containers 2 on both side walls of the trailer totalling 4 trays (4 plants per tray) leaving me a 2 foot walkway in the center. A light reflective barrier will be attached to seperate the flower from the veg room. The Veg room Will have 2 3'x2' trays, one containing the 4 mothers and one containing the 16 clones to be flowered which will still be small and transfered to the flower room when they no longer fit in the tray.
    Then I will power all this running 2 - 250watt solar panels on top of the trailer. The question im having is what kind of lighting id best for this run. (Obviously LED because of power isssues but specifaically what kind of LED's). I can fit 3 solar panels for a total of 750watts if i need to but prefer to keep it under 500 watt.
    So basically the question I'm having, IS ALL THIS POSSIBLE? The front 7.5 ft of the trailer is gonna be used for flowering the back 2.5 feet is for vegging seperated with light barrier.
    I attached an artist rendering of what the layout will be done in paint, especially for the haters.


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    you'll have enough light coverage for maybe a corner of that container with 500w
  3. I was figuring using 6 UFO 95 watt LED's 6x95=so about 570 watts so if I would have to go with 3 solar panels, just would cost more but give me 750watts to work with. I was wondering if theres an LED light set up that would use up less than that and still give my plants enough coverage?
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    Or maybe if I set it up like this it would get better light coverage off of the lights. But the set up looks like its still gonna need 4 lights in flower room and 2 in veg room. But thats using the 95 watt ufo. Is there an economical LED that would cover an 8'x4' area better?

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  5. going Heisenberg style I see

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