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Hydroplex's Spinner

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by diesel1, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Neat system, I like you can stack them, but If they could make one you can expand vertically to grow larger plants that would be nice. Very nice I would love to try one, but 2 Grand it way out of my price range. Cool find let us know if you get one and how well it works.
  2. Ridiculous. Two grand for a system that could barely grow 18" plants, because it has a little motor that spins them? Just turn your pots by hand every day or two and spend the dough on something actually worth the price.
  3. If you get really bushy plants they could damage each other from getting tangled and pulled on as they spin.
  4. Looks pretty sweet, I'd say go for it. It looks like you can time the nutes, light and watering to a tee, which means you can grow greater yield quite possibly faster...

    sounds like it would be a slightly slow return on investment, but MONEY in the long run once you can buy another. I say go for it, but PLEASE keep us posted on your progress if you do

  5. I'm with toastybiz all the way on this one. This is a waste of money. But it is your money, and do with it what you like.

    If you have cash to blow on spinning gardens, I highly suggest looking into the Omega Garden systems.

  6. So I called Hydroplex today and asked them about all the things being talked about here. These machines actually sound kinda legit. The max growing height is 24 inches and their average customer reports yielding 1.5lbs. The plants and roots dont tangle because the rotation changes every 360 so they just go back and forth. They told me people were reporting yields over 2.5 lbs in an 8 week flower cycle and then I found video journals on youtube. These guys got some shit going on. Check out modnar1000 and yougrower. I'm still not 100% sold but if that machine can get 2 or better, I gotta get 1 and try it. Maybe I will get 1 and test it for the forums!!! I wanna see what you guys think about those videos.

  7. Just keep in mind, it is a machine, not a magic box. The yield is also highly dependent on the skill of the grower as well. If you are an experienced grower and you have the cheddar to throw at a gadget like that, then go for it.

  8. Check out these pics I found online. Looks pretty good to me.....

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  9. I admit, it is pretty convincing!
  10. look on icmag there is a guy currently using one.he pulled 501 g's his first crop and thinks he can double when dialed in.its in the vertical forum
  11. What Lowryders are they using with the Spinner?
  12. You don't have to use low riders, just flower clones straight away. The plants don't stretch because they don't need to, the light is always optimum.

    These are by far the most efficient way to grow. The biggest limiting factor is people trying to grow multiple strains at once and HEAT.

    I have an icebox heat exchanger at the entrance of mine and the exhaust leaves the room. Keeping the chamber temps under 85 is the key.

    Ice Box Heat Exchanger 6 inch
  13. I am a long time reader of these forums and first of all would just like to say thanks to everyone along the way for the info I have pulled from bits and pieces from different threads, that being said I felt I had to create a profile and actually post something for the first time because I feel I can actually give expert insight into this topic. I promise you I do not work for hydroplex, or are buddies with them or anything like that which I always question in my mind when I read some post on weed maps etc. But I am an actual user and self considered semi expert on these machines that I happen to stumble across by pure luck.

    My brother and I were looking to get into growing and we are both pretty successful in our real jobs so were not in a hurry or needed to grow to make money so we researched systems and methods based on what we believed were our growing restrictions. For each person I'm sure it's different but for us our main focus was we didn't want to have a crazy electric bill every month because it would create more overhead we would feel pressure to cover with our grow and second didn't want to raise any red flags with power consumption. Our second condition was grow space, initially we had a 5 ft by 5 ft space about 8 ft high. This being said we came across the hydroplex spinners. We actual found a local direct distributor that doesn't exists anymore (long story) and contacted him direct.
    Our initial cost for two spinner units that hold 12 plants each so 24 plants total, included lights, reses, 600 watt digital ballast, flip box, nutrients, rock wool, instruction video, timers, ph meter, hoses, pumps, heaters, pretty much everything we needed besides the clones for 2600 for each spinner totaling 5200. Because we paid in cash we got ended up paying 4500 which to most growers just isn't in there budget but I swear our first run it paid for itself!

    There was a huge learning curve being first time growers and looking back now after two years I'm surprised 23 out of the 24 plants survived and yielded 1.5 lbs. So I'm getting a little long and if your still with me here are the facts:

    Electric bill for 2 units with 600 hps lights one digital ballast one flip box $65 a month.
    Average yield per 12 plants .75 lb to 1.75 lb

    Things to note: strain of plant is important, ogs like rascal and dead head seem to work best because they are shorter and have greater nodes. We use hydroton rocks now instead of rock wool cubes to feed six times daily, co2 is beneficial in this systems. Also we veg on a separate ebb and flow table and purposely crowd our clones so that their nodes grow upward and tight to prepaid them for the space between baskets. There are much more details we have learned to succeed with this system that I will gladly share If asked but I'm tired of typing for now, hope this helps and happy growing.
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    Yo Hbspinner. Thx for taking the time to write that up. I'm just getting finished with my first grow in the spinner. Learned a lot along the way and can definitely see what you mean about strain and veg preparation. I also started with 2 spinners due to electric overhead and did two different strains, one very bushy and one skinny and lanky. The skinny plant is an obvious winner for the spinner, the buds just get huge. I'm at day 52 right now, but plants were ready to cut at 45, just letting them ripen up some. The buds are insane on them, looking like 12 giant pineapple sized buds and DENSE.

    I have a few other buddies I've met who are also growing in the spinner. As you say there is definitely a learning curve with the spinner. After this first grow I definitely have a better understanding of what is going on here. And what the inventors of the spinner say is very true - your yield is almost entirely dependent on your light energy and how that light energy is delivered to the plants. Spinner is a highly efficient way to maximize the total potential of a single bulb.

    Any advice you could give me as I'm starting my second grow would be greatly appreciated. If you haven't heard there is a new DWC kit available and I'm switching to that as a couple other people I know have switched and are saying it is definitely a big improvement.

    Only thing I really have contributed my first grow is the use of Plant Yoyo's - take out the pins on the roof of the spinner and place the yoyo on top of the machine and tie the strings through the holes. Makes holding up the plants MUCH easier and almost no maintenance inside.


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