Hydrophonics done easy?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Jupes, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I've been thinking about growing my own for a while now.

    I hate fucking with drug dealers, shitty weed, shady situations, and inconsistencies.

    Plus I need to find a more practical way, I smoke too much.

    Doing some research I found some shit that's interested me.


    Sounds too good to be true. 200 bucks for the lights and the full hydro system?

    Also, this kit comes with a lot of nutrients and what not. Would ya'll advise me to keep away from treating a pot plant the same as a regular plant in respects to vitamins?

    I'm hoping this is an actual possibility seeing on how this kit is really convinient.
  2. That's $200 for a RubberMaid Tub and 2 CFL's... you could build one way better for half the price.
  3. Really?

    Because the whole system seems sophistocated enough to warrant the price.

    Read up on it a little more, they offer a single pot version too.
  4. That thing gets brought up every once in a while and it always gets the same reviews...

    It's not as complicated as it looks.... any experienced grower will tell you the same thing.

    They just hype it up on the site to make it seem more than it is. Bubbleponics is a fairly simple concept.
  5. I see, for someone with absolutely no experience it doesn't seem so bad though.

    Kind of what I've been looking for. An easy way to get my own weed.

    Regardless, good looking out.
  6. Build you're own bro, the yeild won't be very good from one of those, I don't tihnk.

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