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  1. Hello guys. I've been skimming through the forums for a while now to see if this is something I want to take on and I think I'm going to jump right in and give cultivation a try. Needless to say I'm a complete noob but I've gained tons of knowledge so far from reading all the information that's posted.

    Anyways so I'm looking for a hydrophonic set up for a 48x48x80 grow tent. Ive decided to start with hydroponics as opposed to soil. I'm also going to get a mars hydro epistar 320 led. I've got pretty much everything but an actual system. I originally planned on a diy Rubbermaid system but then a friend of mine locally convinced me to consider dropping some coin on a decent system that I can maybe use in a bigger space when the time comes. He also said those systems aren't reliable because of how the roots choke each other out (is this true?) What do you guys think of the current culture system I've linked below. It seems like a decent system but quite pricey at 450.00 Of course if it's worth it I'll save for it.

    I've also just considered getting some DWC buckets from amazon. I'm not very handy so a Diy Rubbermaid isn't really my thing even though I'm sure it will save a ton. I'm totally fine with saving for a decent system that will help me grow some quality.

    Interested to hear everyone's thoughts.

    Complete Hydroponic Plant Growing BUBBLER system DWC KIT #7St-2 H2OtoGro

    Under Current Solo Pro 4 - Current Culture - UCSOLOPRO4 for Sale - Reviews, Prices, & More - GrowersHouse

    Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow ® Systems (4) 5 Gallon - 10" Buckets
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  2. Over the years iv grown i have learned sometimes it better to just buy something vs diy. Yes you can diy for cheaper but at how many trips to the hardware store? Buy something and it doesnt work? Cant find parts you need? 50% of the time i try diy it ends up costing me double becuz i have to end up buying it premade. Large system like that i would just drop the coin and buy premade. Never buy cheap or you will regret it.

    Next a 320 led for a 4x4? Thats not enough. You would want atleast 2 of them for decent yeilds. More light = more buds. For a 4x4 you want at least 600w. I use hps/mh. Leds are just expensive for a decent one
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  3. If you want to grow 4 plants in DWC - just get 5 gallon buckets - the hydro shop has tops that have the net pots attached and made to fit a 5 gallon bucket. An air pump with 4 outlets and some airstones. You can make a set up relatively cheap without spending $450. Have you figured out how you're going to keep the reservoirs cool?
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  4. I looked it up and that LED pulls 750 watts in bloom. The 320 is a model number and doesn't represent the watts.
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  5. So the mars hydro light is this one. I thought it would be like an 800w. My second choice light is the mars II 1600. Do you think either of those are too weak for the set up? I thought i calculated correct i might be wrong.

    Mars , Led grow light , Mars Hydro

    Also to answer your question I have not figured out how to keep the reservoirs cool :-( I'm glad you mentioned it because I haven't thought of it. Any advice on that if you don't mind?

    I really appreciate the help guys. As for the DWC system i would really love to just buy something as opposed to the DIY. Just not the 450.00 system my busy suggested. With that said what you suggested Mick seems damn easy. Is it really that simple? Do I have to cut or drill any holes? Would it be basically like the Amazon systems I linked above? How many would you link together for that space.
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  6. MarsHydro MARSII 1600 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Lighting Veg and Flower
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  7. My bad. I thought 320 was the watts
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    If that light draws 740 watts in bloom like it indicates - you will have enough light for a 4x4 tent. I didn't see a link to the Amazon systems you referenced. With a 4 - 5 gallon dwc you can do it a couple ways - you can treat them separately without linking them together and just run a hose through the very top of the bucket under the lid to connect your airstone to the air pump - this will require emptying them out separately when you do a solution change. Another way is to connect them together with 1/2 tubing and having an additional container/reservoir to control the height of the solution in all the buckets. That way you only have to drain the control reservoir when you change solutions. In addition - this would enable you to put the control reservoir outside the tent where it will be cooler. I used to use frozen 2 liter water bottles in the controller to keep the temps down. It's not hard - hydroponic supply companies have the fittings and tubing. All it takes is a drill.
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    Ganjafarmer - If you want to do hydroponics and you don't want anything complicated that requires airstone, air pumps, and chillers - I would suggest coco - it's a lot simpler and a lot less expensive. All that is required is buckets, coco, and perlite. I have been using it for years with great success. With the light you have there is no reason you can't harvest a pound to a pound and a half each grow. If you're interested I have a thread in the Hydroponics/Coco Coir section - Mick's Coco-KISS-Scrog-Method - you may pick up some pointers. Just remember coco is not soil, it's hydroponics. A pic of my last grow - 2 plants yielded one pound with only a 5 week veg.

    Flower 5 weeks.JPG
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  10. Personally if this is your first indoor grow id suggest soil. Learn about ppm ph and deficiencys 1st hand along with plant training techniques. Coco would be ok youll learn about nutes ph and ppm but mistakes are more forgiving in soil. After you get a good grow and understand how to know what the plant needs. Any medium can be good.
  11. As far as 1st grow also i wouldnt fork out that Kinda money for a led till i had my methods refined.
  12. Thanks for all of the sound advice everyone. Infamoustree I appreciate you keeping it real. It's too late for me on the light as I dumped the money already. But I will consider soil or coco at the least.

    Mick once again thanks so much. I am getting ready to sit down and have a good look at your thread. This could be the way I go for the first go around. I don't plan on this being my only grow so I really want to learn the right way and fine tune the process.
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  13. I have grown in both soil and coco and although some people claim that you should start with soil because it's easier - I totally disagree. I failed miserably with soil and have never had a problem with coco. Just don't treat it like soil and you will get the hydroponic results you are looking for. Good luck and don't hesitate to ask questions.
  14. I recommend learning about defoliating, lolipiping, supercroppin, topping/fim, lst and scrog. These methods change plant structure to increase yeild and control plant size
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  15. Personally a big fan of defoliating supercropping and lolipopping
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  16. Hi J
    The power draw of Mars Pro II 320 is:
    110V: Growth:350W±5% | Bloom:740W±5%
    220V: Growth:345W±5% | Bloom:721W±5%
    That is enough for 4'x4‘ grow tent, it will give about 45w per sq ft
  17. Right:thankyou:
  18. Hi ganjafarmer
    The Mars Pro II epistar 320 can replace 800w hps, but the true watt is not 800w.
  19. I would recommend the Mars Pro II epistar 320. the price of Mars II 1600 and Mars Pro II epistar 320 are close, and you can use the discount code "marshydro" on our website to save more. But Mars Pro II epistar 320 is more efficient. the Mars Pro II episatr 320 using the reflective cup and no glass or lens cover, so the effect of heat dispelling is better. There already have many people using the Mars Pro II epistar 320 on GC, like loki125, shan8sis, GoldGrower etc. you can check their grower journals.

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