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  1. my friend is bringing some hydromorphone for us to try soon, and i want your experiences on snorting it, i've tried erowid but im sure you guys might have some more interesting ones, im experienced with vicodin and oxycodone.
  2. If your talking Dilaudid, it comes in 2,4,8mg's i believe. 2-3 4mg's put me in a good mood.
  3. What the fuck dude, dont do 8-12mg your first time, you will proboally start hurling and have a horrible time. Start with 4mg. Trust me, you will be glad you did. 4mg gets me FUCKED.
  4. 4mg is what i started with too. but OP ever heard of the search button?
    Seeing as dilaudid is one of my favorite drugs i check out every thread that has something to do with it only to find this type of stuff. we have an opiate appreciation thread where doods can help you out too. peace. :smoking:
  5. I was just stating what the dosage was my first time with it. I'm sure he knows that my body is different than his.

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