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  1. just got a couple of 2mg hydromorphone. dont no anything about them. any advice on how to take them and what mg. heres a pic
  2. i'm pretty sure you can rail them... what kinds are they, diluadids or generic hydromorphone whatevers? or you can just pop them.... do the same old same old, no tolerance pop one, mid to high tolerance pop two at the start or pop one see how you feel and pop the other. if you're gonna rail them then idk start with half a pill maybe? idk what to do if you wanna bang'em which you probably wouldn't/couldn't.
  3. they are diluadids
  4. Snort 2mg's and wait about ten minutes and see how you feel. Possibly snort another 2mg if you aren't feeling the desired effects. I've heard of people snorting 10mg with no problems or complications, not to say that it would be safe for you. Just throwing it out there..:D
  5. Wish I had some diluadid's:smoking:

    Or any opiate really...
  6. so then yeah what i said sounds legit then lol

    have fun :]
  7. Dude snort them, don't pop them at all....it's a waste.
  8. ight so snorting them it is
  9. Yep rail both of em.
  10. snorting it just gives you a stronger effect for a short period of time.

    popping it will give you a nice effect for a long ass time.

    witch ever one you prefer.
  11. I don't know much about opiates but with hydromorphone they are a lot weaker when taken orally. So much that it's a waste. Snort or shoot are the only options.
  12. yeah hydromorphones are really great so now that i think about it, it would be a waste to take orally. just rail them i guess
  13. Really strong opiate, my friends bumped about like an 1/6 of a pill or something and were fucked up. But they also ended up throwing up hardcore for most of the time, so be careful
  14. Doubt it was the 2mg if they puked off 1/6 of a pill. OP is fine, 2-4mg even for a first timer won't be too much.
  15. they are very strong IV but snorting a couple 2s i doubt would cause trouble. your friends prolly had a higher mg pill and were opiate naive/intolerant. that being said its not a bad idea to start slow with any new opiate.

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