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  1. a kid i know has 2mg hyrdromorphone's for 5$ a peice, just wondering if their any good, and if thats a fair price

  2. ya im wondering that myself, i wonder if erowid has any good info, have you checked it?
  3. ya im ficked up but ive never heard of hydromorphone its made up
  4. If you are into opiates, buy this.... NOW

    The best you can get, period.
  5. hydromorphone



  6. yes. there are lots of hydrothis and oxythat shit with opiates and related stuff. hydromorphone is a derivative of of morphine, the other being oxycodone.
  7. omg those rock GET THEM smoke some bud with them drink alittle its heaven
  8. i just took 2
  9. Hold on

  10. What?
  11. im pretty sure he's telling him to hold off on anymore for now. They are very strong even at 4mg's it can be felt especially if someone has little or no tolerance to opiates. But i will say, depending on how the OP feels he could take more. The few times i had a chance to actually take it i never took enough.
  12. feeling hella good right now, thanks for schooling me ive never even heard of this shit
  13. Dilaudid... that's some heavy shit. For people with chronic pain.
  14. hydromorphone is dilaudid

    i've seen 2mg pills sell for as high as 20 dollars a peice (i'd never pay that much)

    so i say grab em up

  15. take a 3rd one like an hour or 2 after you took the two you'll be fucked up. ( i do it all the time, my friends prescribed that shit)
  16. So how was it ondrugs?

    My friend is about to get like 30 of those 2mg'ers from an er... pharmacy.

    I have never done it but yeah, he said its really intense.
  17. i dont have the hydro kind but i have a 60mg morphine.

    i had 2 others but they are gone.
  18. I was on a hydromorphone PCA pump in the hospital. The stuff is a very powerful opiate -- more powerful then fentanyl, which in turn is more potent than morphine. In fact, it's so powerful that I really don't remember much after they inserted the IV, so it might not be good for recreational purposes -- there's no point if you can't remember anything.

    /my $0.02

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