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  1. I'm picking up 5 hydromorphones from a buddy for a buck apiece. Is that a good deal (they're 4 mg, small round). How many will I need to get fucked up (I'm 150 lbs), and is this a good deal?

    Pics up in a couple of days when i pick it up.
  2. hydromorphone is similar to oxymorphone... oxymorphone is 10 times stronger than morphine alone.... altho not nearly as strong for a buck a peice.. i wouldnt not
  3. i do that shit all the time, take 2 then an hour or two later pop a third one. You will be feel really nice.
  4. Is that to imply that you have not done hydromophone?

    If so, I don't think you are very qualified to be giving your recommendations on whether or not someone should consume this substance.

    Now, having done Hydromorhone, I would agree with Tokamano8o. Start with 8mg and see how you feel from there. If you've got a low opiate tolerance, you should be feeling good with just the 8mg. It's a strong euphoric opiate. I highly recomend it, especially with some dank. But like any other substance in this world... always in moderation. Not the type of drug, for me anyway, to be used as often as cannabis. Enjoy.

    And a buck a piece sounds mad cheap to me. Jump on it.
  5. Definitely not my drug of choice but I know a few cats who fux with it. The people I know either snort one and eat one or IV it since they are easily broken down from what i'm told. I don't really care for opiates.

  6. No your right i havnt done it.... but to bad im taking drug chemistry in university, and no a shit load about random things such as this...... then you go on to tell him to JUMP ON IT well geuss what thats all i was implying.... that for one doller a pill i woudlnt not.... meaning its a good deal... so next time before u get all bent out of shape.. maybe read a few times over
  7. Here comes a ball buster.

  8. one or two 4mg hydromorphone will get you swerving. oral consumption of this is a waste, in order to make the most of your 4mg tab, blow it or shoot it. you will not regret it. Dilaudid is ight. dont eat it, blow it to make it really work. $1/e is great
  9. Dude, at a dollar a piece, i would JUMP ON IT and buy dude out.
  10. TOO BAD you sound hella ignorant and shouldnt be dosing people without firsthand experience
  11. Just picked up 20 2mg dilaudids...lol theyre all gone now. Ate like... 12mg i believe, hooked some ppl up with the rest. An oxy 80 is still stronger then 12mg of this, but i do like it a lot.
  12. i've taken them a few time, blow 2 and pop 1, i think thats the best way

  13. lol haha i sounds ignorant.... i love the hate that stoners give... to bad as i already said i was qualified and i answered first with correct info for the buddy then peopel agreed ... sorry ur ignorant you you you.........
  14. No offense man, but did you skip English 101?

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