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  1. Hello GC. I just set up my new hydrohut for use next spring (right now I have 9 Cheese plants and 5 Trainwreck outdoors and i'm losing sleep). I just wanted to get a look at it so I know what I need in the way of equipment. Anyway, does anyone know of any modifications that may need to be made before a Hydrohut is fit to grow herb? There are some flaps along the bottom that probably let a tiny bit of light into the hut. I have read that even a small amount of light will interfere with the budding process. Is this correct? Should I tape these flaps down? I'm a little confused about how to best outfit the hut with ventilation also. Any advice from those experienced with this product would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Be aware of the fact that Hydrohuts are currently under a recall notice. The white PVC used off gasses fumes that can kill your plants.

    I had read about ther off gassing but was in a bind for canopy space and eneded up using a Hydrohut 2x4 for about 10 days. In that time the Hyrdohut plants started yellowing while the exact same genetics in the adjacent "Dark Room" tent flourished. Without a doubt the Hydrohut was killing my babies !!!!

    Hydrohut will replace your tent with a supposed safer material, but I personally don't trust them and have looked for better options.
  3. In the last several months, HydroHut has been made aware of and pursued a problem with some of its Huts causing a peculiar plant yellowing leading to plant whitening in certain, sensitive plants. While the issue did not arise in all plants, or all Huts, the existence of a problem was not conducive to our product's mission.

    After several months of extensive testing, false positives and much interaction with the public regarding this matter, we have found an EPA approved compound that isn't stable in our plastic and that causes extreme stress to certain sensitive plants. In the future, this compound will be removed during manufacture.

    Our focus has been directed at how to remove this compound from the plastic and to do so in a way that we could retroactively repair any HydroHut already in the field. As of February 2008, HydroHut will be repairing any affected HydroHuts at its facility. The exact process by which we repair the HydroHuts is extensive and proprietary and it will be carried out by a trained staff at our locations.

    We fully understand that this situation with our product has adversely affected many clients. For this reason, we are standing behind our product and are offering anyone who has been affected a way to have his/her HydroHut repaired free of charge.

    Any client, be they end user or store, can arrange to have his HydroHut shipped back to our Los Angeles facility for processing, free of charge. The HydroHut will then be shipped back to the client free of charge.

    All inquiries for HydroHut processing should be directed to hydrohuts@gmail.com with no exceptions.

    Please provide the following details in the email:

    1) Size/model of affected HydroHut

    2) Number of affected HydroHuts (only the HydroHut brand will be accepted for processing)

    3) Address where the HydroHut can be picked up by UPS call tag (make sure someone is there to meet the UPS driver) Do not use a PO box as UPS will not pick up from a PO box

    4) A name to whom/which we can address the package going back to you, the client. (We will make a good faith attempt at getting your product back to you. If nobody is at the address to accept the package three times, the package will be sent back to Los Angeles. Any further attempts to get the package to the client will be paid for by client.)

    5) Please remove your HydroHut canvas or skin and box it up. Do not pack up your poles or hardware. Do not remove your frame. Do not attempt to ship us your frame or other items. We will only be call tagging the canvas in a box. You must provide that box and properly seal that box. We will send you a call tag for a specific weight based on the email you send to us with your HydroHut details. Again, we will only be taking back your canvas for processing; no other parts or hardware will be accepted. Leave your frame set up and intact.

    6) We will make every effort to process and reship your HydroHut canvas within two weeks. This is not a guarantee but it is our goal. Please note that ground shipments across the USA can take up to 8 days! Even if we process your HydroHut in only one day, there could still be 16 days of ground shipping, 8 days coming to us and 8 days going back. Be patient. Most clients will not have to wait two weeks. Every attempt will be made to expedite each HydroHut.

    7) If a store has new HydroHut, still in its original box, the canvas can be re-boxed in a separate box, and the canvas will be returned to the store new and folded, ready to put back into the original box. Please keep your original box at your store including all poles, hardware, and instructions. Do not send us the entire unit.

    While this entire exercise may be time consuming, HydroHut is doing all that it can to rectify this problem as quickly as possible. We apologize to everyone for the difficulties incurred with our product, end-users and stores. Without a loyal standing of clients we would be nothing. It is our goal make this situation as right as we can. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us through this difficult period.
  4. hey man.. the bottom flaps aren't lightproof at all and can become an issue.

    what i did with my hut was opened up the flaps from the inside, and ductaped some black carbon filter material over those flaps. It worked great keeping light and dust out of the tent.
    as far as ventilation. you really need something pretty powerful venting outside of the room that the tent is in.
    Growing in a tent is a little different because heat can build up pretty quickly.

    i run a hydrohut 52x52 with 1000watts and my temps stay around 75-80.
    also i haven't had any "gassing" issues with this tent at all.. i pulled quite a few harvests out of it without issue.
    i did have issues with the smaller model. I think it depends on the model of the hut.. some of them were made elsewhere i think.

    good luck
  5. That recall is over too just so you know. Don't waste your time their not taking any anymore.
  6. I was lucky in that a local shop forced the issue with their distributor and offered in store returns rather than shipping back to Hydrohut and waiting for supposed safer replacement.

    On-line shopping is generally cheaper, but its at times like this I'm glad I pay a little extra to support the local retailers who in turn support me.
  7. That's really upsetting. Thanks a lot for the info Duckhead. I got mine for super cheap ($100 for a 52x52) and it seemed too good to be true. Oh well, i"m committed now. I'll try to get it replaced if I can, but if the recall is indeed over than i'll just have to hope mine isn't one of the contaminated huts. It's funny, as soon as I unrolled the thing and smelled that new hut smell i questioned whether I could actually heat all that plastic up to 75 or 80 degrees without it giving off something noxious. Hey thanks for the info on the flaps as well--could you be a little more specific about the material and process you used to rectify the problem? I appreciate the info all, and i would still appreciate any tips on setup of ventilation--hell, i'll take a parts list if you got one. Hey west, you said yours stays 75-80 degrees. I have a 1000 watt hps and was hoping to be able to use it in there. What do you think? The manufacturer says it will work, but i'm thinking it may get a bit stifling. Hey, look for pics of my outdoor grow. I'll be posting them tomorrow if I can figure out how to upload a photo. Blessings.
  8. Sorry AW didn't see the 1000 watt hps part. Can you tell me how you have your hut set up? I went to your journal, but the pictures didn't reveal much. I'd sure appreciate some advice my friend. Blessings.

  9. hey dude.. did u get it off of ebay for $100 + $100 shipping from a dude in cali? If so you got it from the same dude as me, and i have had 0 issues with it.

    i got your PM and i'll post some pics of my setup in here.. i have them on my comp somewhere man.

    also this is a killer hut thread, with lots of info.

  10. Get a big fan.. I had to put in a 480 cfm blower with a large air cooled hood to keep my 1000W under control. Exhaust it into another space than the room its set up in. I exhausted my 52x52 into the attic. I also had some issues with yellowing, but its hard to tell if it was the heat or gas from the tent. It works great when its set up right. Cash cow..
  11. As a matter of fact, I did! I hope mine works as well as yours. That's some nice looking herb you grow. I have some Sweet-tooth seed and some Strawberry Haze that I want to try out in mine in the spring, so I'm trying to learn all I can about using one before then. Thanks for the links, and I'll be looking for the pics. Blessings.
  12. Thanks for the info HD. 480 CFM? That's a biggun. But then again 52x52 is a small space and probably heats up in an instant. Fresh air intake is not a problem for me, and the room I will be venting into is the size of a house and so drafty you can see light through the walls--that's why I want to wait until spring. There's no heat!
  13. Actually, I just found out that the recall is not over, it's just that they are no longer fixing them. The fix was only working part of the time so they stopped doing it. Now they are offering full refunds. Problem is, if you got it from a third party as I did, the warranty doesn't apply. The guy I got it from in Cali is actually the manufacturer. He says the old 52x52's are not affected by the problems. If anybody knows anything to the contrary, please let me know. If they in fact are not affected, this might be a great time to buy one from a third party dealer. They're probably going to get cheap as hell.
  14. its not just hydrohut thats effected, i went through 1 bad hydrohut, & 2 bad hydrofarm habitats, & am now useing a homebox w/ no problems
  15. Can you tell me how I will know(and how quickly) if my hut is bad? Anyone?
  16. your plants will stop growing, turn yellow and die.
  17. I am having the same problem with a grow tent. Is there anyway to wash the plastic? Or is this a terminal defect?
  18. What make and model do you have?
  19. I've got the Hydrofarm Habitat 4 x 4 x 7

    I heard only the HydroHut has been recalled =[

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