Hydrohut 3x3 Silver Edition Stealth Setup

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    It's been over 5 years since I did this. I'd forgotten how much work entailed setting up a room. After countless hours shopping, working in a 120deg loft and setting up a mom/clone room I finally got around to setting up the 3x3 Hydrohut in a 4x4 closet. This is also a legal med grow but the other house members don't know about it. We need stealth and no smells and little electric changes. Luckily I have a decent bedroom with en-suite bathroom, very useful I may add.

    How does one achieve all of this? Well, here is how I managed to and although the room isn't running a light yet I am fairly confident that I will not raise the electric bill by more than 15% which is acceptable to me.

    The first thing I did when I moved here was to clearly show everyone that I owned 6 computers, they are rack servers (except my personal comp) but I'm guessing most people wouldn't know nor care the difference. Rack servers just 'look' like they require some decent power. They also happen to use ~800watts of power :) how convenient! Anyway, running those babies for a few months racks the bill up. I pay the difference between the current bill and the same bill from the previous year. Everyone is happy :) and I've established a decent electrical usage without anyone batting an eyelid.

    Now I actually use my computers so I really need to keep 2 running at all times, this dropped my usage to about 300watts depending on server load. Will consider using just my notebook if I need to drop the power usage a little more...

    Anyway, that was just a potential avenue for people to take if they need to establish some power usage beyond the norm. Now to the HUT.

    We start with an empty 4x4 closet

    The hut comes in a smallish box with HYDROHUT sticker on it :( I really get disappointed when I see people ship things this way...

    The HUT box contains 2 'things'. The tent and the poles, that's it. I sort of felt ripped off; it felt 'bland' if that makes sense?

    So, I seperated the poles into their respective categories, took about 5 mins to verify everything was there. 1st gold start to the HUT!

    The instruction manual is basic but clear, here's the top part of the frame.

    And here is the whole frame, this is it, 4 posts? Seems a bit unsteady to me but I guess the tent will add some rigidness to it (I hope).

    This was installed prior, it's an 8" duct that leads outside with a Y connector branching to 2 6" ducts. I almost died installing that. Lofts are not fun nor are they clean and dust free and they are hot enough to boil an egg, 'nuff said.

    Chopping up a 25ft length of 6" duct. Was perfect except for the fact that it was only 21ft, Doh.

    The 6" ducts attached to the Y connector, now we can have lots of fresh air in the room. This is usually my #1 priority (fresh air).

    I was going to post a bunch of pictures to show how to put the tent on the frame, as I mentioned earlier I was expecting it to be a bit of a nightmare to do in such a small space. Remember I'm building this inside a 4x4 closet. I had to as the tent wouldn't fit through the doorway. I was 100% wrong. I followed the instructions and it took me about 15 minutes to get the tent onto the frame. Wow, is all I can say. I was so stoked that I forgot to take pictures whilst doing it, sorry!

    Some of the more astute people may notice that there are now 3 ducts in the room. The extra one is the exhaust which just goes into the loft.

    The HUT duct ports are awesome. You're not required to buy accessories like duct ports. This baby comes ready to grow :)


    And here we are with the 6" Vortex to extract the air. I will be sucking through a carbon filter then into the aircooled reflector then into the Vortex then out the room.

    It took me about 2 hours to install the HUT, I did however take a couple of smoke breaks. I'm fairly sure if I were to do it again in a normal sized room I could put this up in less than an hour and be ready to go. With my brief light leak testing I see no significant leaks at all. I would consider putting a black sheet over the tent if it wasn't in a closet though as there are one or 2 tiny leaks caused by the stitching but it is FAR LESS than any other tent I've seen.

    All in all I give this tent a 9/10 rating. It's very easy to install, the directions are sparse but detailed and accurate. I'd give it a 10/10, however, I only have experience with 2 other tents and both of those were Chinese imports.

    I do not work nor do I have any affiliation with the people that make this great product. I only posted this because I was baked, a little bored and procrastinating on putting the 600hps in there :). No seriously, I don't see many tent setups with details so I thought it might help someone and I hope it does.

    If anyone shows interest I will be happy to post more pics as the setup moves along.

    Oh, I almost forgot. The Vortex is audible outside the bedroom but not bad and with a fan control (I have one) and the fact that my room almost always has a fan on as the computers make it hot doesn't make me worry. Plus the comps. create a nice hum so it pretty much just blends in with the rest.

    Stay safe people.

  2. no doubt PROPS to you sir :eek:

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